Driving with folded mirrors? New rule will BUST you

There are many laws in the MV Act which are not implemented by the cops in normal circumstances. One such rule is to keep the wing mirrors closed while driving. Chandigarh’s Standing Committee of Administrator’s Advisory Council on Traffic Management has announced that people who drive with the wing mirrors folded will be fined from October 1.

The fine amount has been set at Rs. 300 and the city traffic police will carry out awareness drives all around for the use of wing mirrors. There will be a special application developed where road users will be able to click pictures and upload it. Upon verification, the police will then send the challan directly at the home address of the violators.

Sanjay Tandon, Chairperson of the committee said, “People are not yet aware of the decision. Thus, it is important to first hold an awareness drive and then issue the challans.”

However, it is not known if only car drivers will be affected by the new implementation or the cops will target bikers too. Most of the bike riders remove the mirrors on the handlebar and many keep them closed. Many cars do not come with the left-hand side mirror too. It is not mandatory in India to offer ORVMs on both sides of the vehicles. Many manufacturers save money by not offering the left-hand side ORVMs as standard.

Driving conditions in India are quite dangerous. Due to the lack of strictness in procuring a driving license and absence of no basic training before one starts to drive on public roads make the situation worse. Most of the drivers do not use the turn indicators or the ORVMs properly while driving on the city roads as well as the highways.

Indian roads see a large number of accidents each year. Most of these accidents are caused by carelessness. With India becoming the world’s fourth-largest market, the number of cars on the road will only grow with time. It is high time that strict traffic rules are implemented across the country.