Drone video of people & elephants making way for an ambulance during a massive procession

In the past we have seen several online videos and reports where people have cleared path for ambulance transporting patients and vital organs. In many metro cities spotting an ambulance stuck in traffic jam is a common sight. As we move towards southern part of India, we see people giving way to such emergency vehicle. Several reports of same nature have been reported from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Here we have one such video where people and elephants make way for an ambulance in Kerala during a procession.

The video has been uploaded by MediaoneTV Live on their YouTube channel. According to the video report, the incident happened in Kerala’s Pattambi which is a town in Palakkad district of Kerala. This time of year, most of the temples in Kerala have festivals and as part of the festival processions are carried out. The procession seen here on video is one such.

The video does not share any details regarding the ambulance. The video was shot using a drone. It looks like the drone was taking video of the procession when the operator noticed the ambulance approaching the crowd, he started following it to see people’s reaction. As the ambulance approached the crowd, people noticed the ambulance started making way for it. As there were animals like elephant in the procession, a person soon started running ahead of the ambulance to tell people to move away from the road.

This way, the ambulance driver did not have to slow down and wait people to move away. As mentioned above, there were elephants as well. The person running at the front also asked the mahouts to move the elephants to the side of the road and surprisingly, they all moved. The ambulance can be seen moving through the crowd without any problem. The person cleared the path and the ambulance made it to the other side of the road without wasting too much this.

Drone video of people & elephants making way for an ambulance during a massive procession

This way people responded was very surprising and this is something that we have seen in the past as well. There are several video where people can be seen taking extra efforts to make way for such emergency vehicles. Such incidents have happened many times in the past in Kerala alone. However things are not same all across India. As mentioned above, in many metro cities motorists do not give way for such emergency vehicles which is a wrong practice.

In case, a vehicle is seen blocking the way of an ambulance or any other emergency vehicle, a fine can be issued against him for blocking the way. The motorist can be fined up to Rs 10,000 and can even be put in jail. It is a major offence however due to lack of awareness and prosecution many people continue to block the way of an emergency vehicle. It is a common to find people following emergency vehicle to escape from traffic jams. This is also a wrong practice as the emergency vehicle will be moving at high speed and the chances of rear ending such a vehicle are more.