Drunk company chairman in a Mercedes Benz SLC 43 AMG breaks barriers: Sportscar SEIZED

A high voltage drama happened on the roads of Chennai, Tamil Nadu yesterday evening at around 7 PM. Tamil Nadu is still under lockdown and now is allowed to come out of the homes unless there is an emergency. The person, who is identified as Harish B Meswani was arrested on the spot and his Mercedes-Benz SLC 43 AMG was seized from the spot.

According to the reports, the police stopped the vehicle during a routine check to catch the lockdown protocol violators. Since there is a lockdown across Tamil Nadu, no one is allowed to travel inter-district and state without a valid reason and e-pass. The cops were on the highway when the SLC 43 AMG approached them at a high speed. Looking at the speed of the car, the cops had erected barricades to slow down the vehicle and ensure that he stops for checking.

However, the accused Harish Meswani hit the barricade to come to a stop. When the cops asked him to lower the window and come out of the vehicle, he did not respond to their calls and stayed inside the vehicle for a long time. In fact, the video shows that he tried escaping the spot by reversing into barricades.

However, since the SLC 43 AMG does not have high ground clearance, it got stuck on the kerb while the driver kept on trying to take the car in reverse and escape. The wheels keep on moving in the video. After he got stuck at the kerb and refused to come out of the car, the cops had to take drastic steps.

Cops broke the window

Drunk company chairman in a Mercedes Benz SLC 43 AMG breaks barriers: Sportscar SEIZED

The police present at the spot finally broke the window of the Merce SLC 43 AMG to pull out the driver. Harish B Mewani is a chairman in a company but the cops are still trying to find out more details about him. After the cops pulled him out of the car, they figured out that he is drunk as they suspected.

The cops took him in the custody at the spot. He was then taken to a government hospital at Royapettah in Chennai. He gave his blood sample for an alcohol test and he was found to be drunk. The cops arrested him at the spot for driving the vehicle drunk and also breaking the lockdown rules. The police also charged him with the section that deals with endangering the lives of police officers by driving the car dangerously.

The information on the alcohol content in his blood and the sections of charges have not been revealed by the cops. However, the person is likely to be produced in front of a court for custody. Chennai Police have seized more than 2,100 vehicles on the first day of lockdown. They continue to be present on the roads to ensure that everyone follows the lockdown rules and stays inside their homes.