43 people jailed in Hyderabad for drunk driving, licenses to be cancelled

Drunk driving is a major offence and that is why the government has made the laws stricter for the offence. Drinking driving can lead you to massive fines and jail time. Cyberabad Traffic Police has sent as many as 43 people to jail for drunk driving.

According to the reports, the jail term is clubbed with the fines. The people who exceeded the permissible limit by a greater number will have to pay a higher fine and have to spend more time in jail too. The jail time ranges from one day to a week and the court also imposes a fine on the individuals who were caught drunk while driving the vehicle.

The traffic police have caught a total of 139 people for drunk driving on the public roads across the commissioner’s region on Tuesday night. All the people who were caught were produced before a court that imposed a total fine of Rs 7 lakh in total.

According to the police, most people have been caught in Shamshabad with around 70 cases from the region. It follows Shadnagar with 29 people caught drunk during the checks. 21 people were caught from Kukatpally and 19 people from Miyapur.

Licences to get cancelled

43 people jailed in Hyderabad for drunk driving, licenses to be cancelled

Keeping with the stricter laws to reduce the number of drunk driving cases, the Cyberabad Police have collected the licenses of all the violators. The police team has sent the driving licenses to the respective RTOs and have requested the authorities to cancel the driving license. We are not sure for how long the driving license will remain suspended. However, it is likely to be a few months.

Driving or riding under the influence of alcohol causes poor judgement on the roads that increases the probability of an accident by multiple folds. Often, after a heavy drinking session night, the effects of alcohol do not go away the next morning too. Also, alcohol can make your actions slow and lethargic, which is why driving or operating heavy machinery under the influence is extremely dangerous. One should always take a cab or let a sober person drive during such times.

While checking with alcoholmeter is still suspended in a few states and union territories due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the cops still use other methods to check for drunk driving. In Delhi-NCR, the cops have started talking with the drivers who seem to be drunk to get an idea and then take them to the hospital for a formal blood test.

Driving under the influence of alcohol can be dangerous for yourself and everyone else on the road. Since you cannot concentrate anymore, drunk driving leads to a lot of accidents and many of them can turn fatal. With the newer and stricter rules against drunken driving, we hope that people follow the law and keep away from the steering wheel after consuming alcohol.

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