‘Drunk’ Amity girl student driver loses control of car at high speed; two male students killed

Police say the driver was drunk.

The horrors of drunken driving were on full display in an accident that took place in north Delhi’s Mukherjee Nagar, on Sunday early morning. Five students were in the car, out on a joyride. The car was being driven by a girl named Diksha. The accident took place at around 2:45 AM and killed two young boys who were in the vehicle.

What happened exactly?

‘Drunk’ Amity girl student driver loses control of car at high speed; two male students killed

According to the police, five people were returning home after a joyride. All of them were college students but from different colleges in Delhi-NCR. Three girls and two boys were among the occupants of the vehicle. Diksha Dadu, Joshita Mohanty and Rashi Sharma were students of Amity Law College while the Ritesh Dahiya studied at Sri Venkateswara college and Siddharth Singh was an engineering student at Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology.

The group of five left a college festival at around 8 PM to reach Connaught Place at 8:45. They left CP at around 1 AM and decided to go to Murthal, which is famous for its highway restaurants. The accident occurred while coming back from the place.

The car was being driven at a high speed and the driver lost control after reaching a T-junction in the area. The car, at high-speed, couldn’t take the turn and lost control. The car then skidded and crashed against a divider at high speed. The extremely high speed of the vehicle caused it to overturn. The boys in the vehicle lost their lives during the accident while the three girls were injured.

Police say that the driver, Diksha was under the influence of alcohol and many empty bottles have been recovered from the vehicle at the spot. Ritesh and Siddharth were in the back seat with Rashi. It is not known of any one of them were wearing seatbelts at the time of the accident.

‘Drunk’ Amity girl student driver loses control of car at high speed; two male students killed

The vehicle was found in a badly mangled shape by the locals. The car had to cut to pull out the bodies. Police say that the deceased died on the spot. The girl student who was sitting in the rear has sustained a fractured collarbone and is still in the hospital. The two girls in the front suffered only minor injuries, which suggest that the front passengers were wearing seatbelts but the passengers at the rear did not have the safety belts on.

The DCP of the area has said that a case of rash and negligent driving and causing death due to negligence under IPC sections have been registered at the Mukherjee Nagar police station. Both the offences are bailable.

Numerous accidents on the Indian road cause due to overspeeding and drunk driving. The Indian roads and the infrastructure are not safe enough to handle high speeds. Here are a few tips that can protect you on the road.

  • Influence of alcohol can affect your decision making capability. Never drive under the influence of alcohol.
  • Overspeeding is a strict no. Always follow the speed limit. Overspeeding gives you less time to react.
  • In city roads, be extremely cautious about pedestrians crossing the road, or stray cattle.
  • Always check the road for oncoming cars even during the green light. Other vehicles may break the signal and hit you.

Image: HTIndia Today