Drunk Noida girls assault, abuse security guards for refusing their car entry: Arrested [Video]

Clashes between security guards and residents, especially women have become quite common in India, especially around the Noida region. After two consecutive incidents a few months ago, Noida police arrested two women on Saturday for misbehaving with a security guard at a residential society in Noida’s Sector 121.

The video of the incident became viral on the Internet and it shows three women assaulting a guard. The women were spotted holding the guard by his collar and throwing his cap away. The police said that the incident took place on the intervening night of Friday and Saturday.

The security guard identified as Ujjwal said that the women were trying to enter the society without showing a valid sticker on their car. The other guards told the women that they cannot enter the society without a valid sticker. However, both the women became aggressive and started assaulting those guards. When Ujjwal intervened and tried to save them, the women started assaulting him.

Drunk Noida girls assault, abuse security guards for refusing their car entry: Arrested [Video]

ADCP (Central) Saad Miya Khan said, “Some women had misbehaved with guards at the society. An NCR (non-cognizable report) was filed under IPC sections 323 (voluntary hurt) and 504 (insult to provoke breach of peace). Two of them were arrested under CrPC Section 151 (arrest to prevent cognizable offence).” Police also said a medical examination of the guard had been conducted.

The Noida Police further said that both the women were presented in front of the magistrate and the third woman will be arrested soon. All three women were in an inebriated state. When the police arrived at the spot, the women misbehaved with them too. The women were living in the society as tenants for four months.

Repeated occurrence in Noida

Earlier this year, in August, Noida police arrested a woman on similar charges. The lady was shouting expletives and was making indecent gestures at a security guard of a society in Noida. She also threatened and manhandled the security guard.

The video is from Jaypee Wishtown society in Noida Sector 126 recorded the woman driver’s behaviour becoming violent after a delay in opening the gate when she was exiting the society. According to a resident of the society, the guards take down the registration number of the vehicles that enter or exit the society. There was a delay in that. The woman was allegedly drunk. Multiple cases were registered against the woman under sections of IPC who practised law herself.

Another woman was arrested in September this year on similar charges. In a CCTV footage, the woman stepped out of the vehicle and waved her hand angrily at the security guard. She then slapped the guard thrice. The lady was identified as Sutapa Das, who works as a professor. The incident happened at Phase 3 of Cleo County in Noida’s Sector 121.

According to the guard, the woman slapped him when he was working on the RFID or the Radio Frequency-based system that automatically tracks the vehicles, opens the gate and shuts the barriers after a vehicle crosses. However, the guard claimed that the registration number of the car was not showing in the system.

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