Drunk Honda Amaze driver drags a bike for 4 km: ARRESTED [Video]

It seems that the National Capital Region is soon becoming an epicentre of bizarre accidents and hit-and-run cases. A new instance of a hit-and-run case from Gurugram has emerged on the internet, in which a Honda Amaze dragged a motorcycle for four km after the car driver hit it from the rear. Fortunately, the two persons on the motorcycle had a narrow escape and fell sideways before the car started dragging the motorcycle on a public road.

The said incident has been reported from the Sector 62 area of Gurugram, where two men were riding on a motorcycle while on their way home. However, a speeding Honda Amaze appeared on the scene and hit the motorcycle from the back. Soon after the impact, both the motorcycle rider and the person seated behind him as the pillion rider fell off the motorcycle. However, a part of the motorcycle stuck to the grille of the Amaze.

Feared getting caught, the Honda Amaze driver continued driving his car with the motorcycle stuck to its front grille. He continued dragging the motorcycle on the road for around four km. A video of this entire incident got recorded on the dashcam of another car driver who was driving behind him. In that dashcam video which has surfaced on the internet, we can see that sparks are flying on the road, due to the motorcycle being dragged on the road by the Amaze driver. Fortunately, the sparks didn’t cause any major fire break off.

Narrow escape

Drunk Honda Amaze driver drags a bike for 4 km: ARRESTED [Video]

After dragging for almost four km, the bike got detached from the front grille of the Honda Amaze itself. The Amaze driver then fled from the spot, leaving the damaged motorcycle at that spot. In their statement to the police, the motorcycle rider said that the person driving the Honda Amaze was drunk, and even after the motorcycle got stuck to his car’s front grille, he didn’t care to stop. The statement also mentions that despite the motorcycle rider and his pillion partner kept shouting, the Amaze driver refused to stop and continued driving and dragging the motorcycle.

Fortunately, both the persons who fell from the motorcycle had a narrow escape from death and suffered only minor injuries. The motorcycle rider also attached a few pictures he clicked at the accident scene and has attached them with this report submitted to the police. Even the dashcam video, which has surfaced on the internet, is considered strong evidence against the Amaze driver. Based on the complaint, the team of Gurugram Police has filed a case and has started its investigation to arrest the Honda Amaze driver.

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