Drunk JCB driver overturns a police jeep: ARRESTED on the spot [Video]

JCB Backhoe, which is one of the most common heavy vehicles seen on the Indian roads attracts a lot of attention. A while back, a lot of JCB memes became viral due to various reasons. Well, here is one more incident that happened in Jodhpur involving a drunk JCB driver and an official police Jeep.

According to various news reports, the JCB Backhoe driver was in an inebriated state and was going to dismantle a petrol pump late in the night. The exact reason behind the driver’s motive is not known but it seems like the JCB Backhoe driver was not happy about the petrol pump services. The petrol pump authorities then called the cops who reached the spot within a few minutes to bring the situation under control. However, the JCB driver unleashed the full potential of the vehicle’s power against the police jeep.

The incident happened in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The JCB Backhoe driver can be seen toying with the police jeep, which looks like a Mahindra Thar and is quite heavy. The angry and drunk JCB driver can be seen approaching the police jeep in the video and then pushed it around. Later, the JCB driver overturned the vehicle completely. The cops tried to run away from the spot after they sense that the JCB driver may not be in his senses and may harm them. However, while the cops were trying to reverse the vehicle and get away, the JCB driver blocked the vehicle and then pushed it around like a toy.

Drunk JCB driver overturns a police jeep: ARRESTED on the spot [Video]

As per the reports, the cops sitting inside the Mahindra Thar did not sustain any serious injuries. The driver of the JCB, who has been identified now has been nabbed by the cops on the spot. After the incident, the driver was trying to run away but the cops surrounded him and arrested him. It is not known which cases will be filed against the JCB driver. He can be in jail for attacking public servants and spend months and even years in jail.

The whole incident was caught in the CCTV system of the fuel pump. It can be seen that the JCB driver was using his full force against the police vehicle. After the driver overturned the vehicle, a policeman was seen getting out of the vehicle and then running away from it. There were three policemen in the Mahindra Thar but only one can be seen coming out of it. The other two must be safe and came out later. The JCB Backhoe is an extremely powerful excavator that is used to dig holes at construction sites and various other things including rescue operations.