Drunk Mahindra Thar driver rams into several cars: Caught & thrashed by locals [Video]

In a recent disturbing example of a hit-and-run, a Mahindra Thar owner was arrested by Patiala police for allegedly hitting other vehicles on the roads of Patiala. The Thar driver was said to be under the influence of alcohol, though the reason behind such action by him is still unknown. A video showing the Mahindra Thar driver ramming into parked vehicles on the roadside has gone viral on social media platforms.

In the video, we can see a black Mahindra Thar, which is registered under Chandigarh RTO, is being driven rashly in Leela Bhawan Chowk and 22 no. Phatak in Patiala. The video shows the driver ramming into a Maruti Suzuki Swift parked under a flyover amidst a chaotic situation, in which people are seen shouting at the Thar driver. When the people started chasing the Thar driver, he drove the SUV in reverse, only to accelerate back and hit vehicles parked on the roadside. Due to their chaotic driving, people are seen running for their lives in the video.

The video also contains visuals of people throwing stones at the Thar to stop it from creating a ruckus. However, despite this, the Mahindra Thar driver refused to stop and in an attempt to flee from the spot, he started driving the SUV even more rashly. However, after several attempts, the locals at the spot managed to stop the Thar and nab the driver along with two other youths accompanying him in the Thar. All three men, identified as Amit, Parminder and Deepinder, are aged under 25 and were said to be under the influence of alcohol. After confronting them, the locals handed all three of them to the Patiala police.

Drunk Mahindra Thar driver rams into several cars: Caught & thrashed by locals [Video]

Driver now arrested

In its official statement to the media, Civil Lines SHO Jaspreet Singh said that the Mahindra Thar driver was coming from Ajit Nagar to the level crossing around 4:30 pm after hitting a few vehicles. While they were chased for creating chaos by hitting the vehicles, the occupants in Thar tried to flee away and save themselves by driving rashly around the town. However, the people chasing the Thar managed to slow it down near an eatery at 22 No. Phatak, where the visuals of the Thar hitting more vehicles got recorded.

Patiala Police has arrested all three people who were in the Mahindra Thar at the moment and has sent them for medical examination. All three of them have been charged under Section 307 (attempt to murder) and Section 279 (rash driving in a public way) of the Indian Penal Code.

Drinking causes the body to react slower, which can cause massive accidents. Many of the accident cases around the world involve drunk driving. In India, a maximum limit of alcohol in the blood is 30 mg per 100 ml. The cops can seize the license if the alcohol level is found above that. In many other states, people can also go to jail for driving drunk and have to pay hefty fines. A cop can flag down a vehicle and the level of alcohol is measured by a breathalyzer. If a person refuses to take the test on the spot, the cops take them to government-approved hospitals for blood samples, which is then used to determine the level of alcohol. However, at present, cops try to figure out if the person is drunk by talking to them first and then taking the test.

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