8 drunk men in moving Maruti Zen break every law possible [Video]

India is celebrated one of its biggest festivals – Holi last week. The celebration comes after two years as lockdowns due to the pandemic forced everyone to stay inside. Driving drunk on Holi is common and that is why there are extra policemen on the roads but this group of men from Rajasthan are moving on a modified Zen convertible while one man is lying on the bonnet fearlessly.

The video by Sonu Pujari on HVK shows the incident from the roads of Rajasthan. In the video, you can see a modified Zen convertible with as many as 8 people inside the vehicle. Remember, the Zen is a five-seater car. The men are sitting on the edge of the car and all over. There is one even lying on the bonnet and drinking alcohol without any fear.

The incident seems to be from Jaipur. However, there are no reports of police action against them. There are multiple offences here. The first is drunk driving, the second is dangerous driving and the third is driving a modified car on public roads.

Thousands of people got fines across India

8 drunk men in moving Maruti Zen break every law possible [Video]

As the states deployed extra police forces on the streets of Holi, there are thousands of challans issued across the country. In Delhi alone, the traffic police issued more than 2,400 challans. Many states dispatched special teams to keep a close eye on the violations. For example, in Chandigarh, as many as 24 special teams were guarding the roads.

The number of challans increases by multiple times on the Holi. In Delhi, the challans worth Rs 51 lakh were issued on the Holi. Most of the cases are of drunk driving. However, there are still many states that are not as strict.

Drunken driving is a crime in India

8 drunk men in moving Maruti Zen break every law possible [Video]

It should be noted that drinking and driving is a major offence in India and laws allow imprisonment and hefty fines too. Due to the COVID pandemic, the cops refrain from doing on-spot tests, which is why many drunk drivers get away. It should be noted that drinking alcohol inside the car by occupants other than the driver is also illegal as it is considered as drinking alcohol in a public place.

Drinking causes the body to react slower, which can cause massive accidents. Many of the accident cases around the world involve drunk driving. In India, the maximum limit of alcohol in the blood is 30 mg per 100 ml. The cops can seize the license if the alcohol level is found above that. In many other states, people can also go to jail for driving drunk and have to pay hefty fines.

A cop can flag down a vehicle and the level of alcohol is measured by a breathalyzer. If a person refuses to take the test on the spot, the cops take them to government-approved hospitals for blood samples, which is then used to determine the level of alcohol. However, at present, cops try to figure out if the person is drunk by talking to them first and then taking the test.