Drunk woman model vandalizes Army Maruti Gypsy in Gwalior [Video]

The city of Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh) witnessed a bizarre incident on Wednesday 8th September, in which a female model openly created a lot of ruckus on a street. During the whole incident, she even damaged a Maruti Suzuki Gypsy of the Indian Army, which was passing by the street. After the whole high-voltage drama, the local police visited the location and arrested the model with immediate effect. The model was said to be under the influence of alcohol.

What exactly happened?

The incident took place on the street in front of the Pandav Police Station in Gwalior around 9 pm on Wednesday, 8th September. The model, identified as Kohima Mehra, was lurching in the middle of the street. She then started stopping many vehicles which were passing by her for absolutely no reason and unnecessarily started quarrelling with the drivers and riders of those vehicles.

One such vehicle was a patrolling unit of Maruti Suzuki Gypsy of the Indian Army. The model stopped that Gypsy too and started hurling abuses at the driver of the Gyps. She even broke one of the headlights of the vehicle. Seeing this, the driver of the Gypsy got out of the vehicle and tried to calm her out. However, the situation started worsening even more, with the model becoming even more aggressive.

Drunk woman model vandalizes Army Maruti Gypsy in Gwalior [Video]

This whole drama attracted a big crowd, from which some people started making videos of the incident. The model began to hurl abuses even on the people standing there. Soon came a lady constable from the nearby police station and grabbed the model by her hands, to which she retaliated at first. However, after an initial struggle, the model was taken to the police station, where she went under a medical examination, in which she was found to be heavily drunk. The model was then penalized under Abkari Act 34 for creating nuisance in public under the influence of alcohol.

Two of the friends of the model eventually came to the police station to bail her out. As per them, the Delhi-based model was partying in a nearby hotel, where she engaged in a quarrel and then went out on the open streets and created ruckus under the influence of alcohol. The model at first claimed to hail from Delhi. However, after a few minutes, she claimed that she hails from Haryana. However, in the challan, she noted an address of Rajasthan.

Consequences of such incidents

Creating nuisance under the influence of alcohol is not only harmful for the person who is drunk, but also the passers-by as well. The whole incident was a part of unnecessary road rage and could have been avoided if the model was drinking responsibly. The whole incident might have involved a serious accident as well, in which both the model and the drivers might have been injured.

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