Drunk pillion falls right in front of car: Caught on dash cam

As we are already aware, Indian roads are quite risky for driving or riding. On highways, there is a risk of cattle, pedestrians, and reckless drivers appearing in front of vehicles. If you are driving within the city, there is always a risk that you might get involved in a road rage incident. With the number of road accidents and road rage incidents on the rise, people have actually started taking precautionary measures and installing devices like dash cams to prove their side of the story. Here, we have one such incident in which a drunk pillion rider on a bike falls onto the road in front of a car. Thankfully, the car driver applied brakes in time, and the entire scene was captured on his dash camera.

The video has been uploaded by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel. The video was actually shared by the person who was driving the car. He had a dash camera installed on his car and was driving on National Highway 9 to his hometown. While on his way, he witnessed a pillion rider falling onto the road. He was driving in the same lane and immediately applied brakes. The biker can be seen stopping on the shoulder of the road and running to check on the fallen pillion rider. Since there was a bus and other vehicles behind the car, the car driver stopped the car in the middle of the road to save him.

The driver got out of the car and can be seen checking on the person lying on the ground. The person was clearly injured, and his helmet flew away from his head, landing on the roadside. The bike rider with the pillion came to the person and started helping him up. The entire incident was being recorded by the camera, and the driver was signaling to other cars and drivers behind him to maneuver around his car. The driver was merely observing the person lying on the road and, other than stopping the car in front of him, did not actually assist the biker in picking him up.

Drunk pillion falls right in front of car: Caught on dash cam
Drunk pillion falls on road

The video mentions that the pillion rider was intoxicated and fell from the moving bike due to losing balance. His friend, who was riding the bike, somehow managed to help him up in the end and dragged him to the side of the road. This video serves as a perfect example that illustrates why one must not operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. It is unclear if the person riding the bike was also drunk. The driver who provided all the accident-related details did mention that the intoxicated person had sustained some head injuries.

The driver’s timely intervention indeed saved the person. This video demonstrates how an intoxicated person becomes a threat to other road users. The person was so inebriated that he couldn’t control his body. Fortunately, there was no other vehicle directly behind the bike, which spared him from more severe injuries. The dash cam also aided in proving that the vehicle did not hit the person and that the car had come to a stop well before reaching him.