Drunk riders on Honda Activa challenge Kawasaki superbike to a race: Cop watches [Video]

High-end motorcycle and cars owners often face a random challenge on the streets of India. While most of them go away after a few minutes of staring at the vehicle and trying to get the car driver and bike rider to race, they can also stick around for a longer time and it can become a problem. Here is a video from Delhi that shows how two random people on a Honda Activa challenged a group of superbikes on the public roads and then hurled abuses at them.

The two riders were riding together on the road at around 9:45 PM in Delhi. The rider on the Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R shows a clip where two riders on a Honda Activa were riding in a zigzag and dangerous way. The video clip also shows a few instances where the Activa riders tried to block the Kawaski Ninja ZX10R rider and even when he overtook the scooter, they came and were riding at close proximity.

The rider who was on Ninja ZX10R and the other rider got drifted apart from each other because the scooter riders were not letting them overtake. After some time, the clip shows that the rider has stopped with police personnel, who was also on a bike.

Drunk riders on Honda Activa challenge Kawasaki superbike to a race: Cop watches [Video]

Dr Jalaj Kumar, who made the video says that both the bikers sped away from the Activa. However, after some time the Activa riders came back and were riding in a dangerous way. The pillion rider was even about to fall from the scooter. That’s when Dr Jalaj stopped his motorcycle on the road. The riders allegedly tried to snatch away the key of the Ninja ZX10R after using force the owner of the Ninja saved it. It caused the key to bend by a bit.

He further says that during this confrontation, the cop came. The video clip shows Dr Jalaj trying to call the emergency police number while the two guys can be heard saying that they were going to “Bangla Sahib Gurudwara“. Both the guys were allegedly drunk and the cop was trying to ensure that they don’t get into a fight. Both the Activa riders were demanding to see the video while the owner of the Ninja was trying to call the cops.

After a few minutes, the Activa rider started the scooter and was getting ready to go away from the spot. The other person, however, kept on arguing and saying that he was riding dangerously. The riders on Activa even claim that the Ninja rider was revving the bike and even if he brings a bike worth lakhs of rupees, it will fail against the Activa. The riders went away from the spot after saying that they will wait for him Bangla Sahib Gurudwara.

This is the situation most supercar and superbike owners face in India. Since their expensive vehicles attract a lot of attention on the roads, rowdies like the ones we saw in the video often come and try to engage. It is best to ensure that you leave them alone and do not confront them. Even if the others challenge and provoke you, it is always the best to stop at a safe place like a fuel station and wait for a few minutes to allow them to go away. Such acts can often turn violent and since the rides are expensive, it is always the superbike and supercar owners who suffer the most. Ignorance is the best policy here and in case of any kind of road rage.