Seemingly drunk Tata Safari driver crashes inside underpass; Keeps on going [Video]

drunk tata safari driver in tunnel

Drunk driving is one of the biggest issues on the Indian roads. It is also one of the biggest reasons behind the road accidents. Here is a video that shows a Tata Safari whose driver is allegedly drunk. The driver of the SUV crashes it inside the underpass and keeps on going.

The video is from Gurugram, Haryana. While the details of the person driving the vehicle remain unknown, this video taken from another vehicle shows how the Safari was being driven around on the public roads.

The video shows the Tata Safari that already got some damage on its front right. The SUV then goes on to hit the wall of the underpass, which causes a few sparks. Then the driver of the vehicle continues without stopping. While the video alleges that he is probably drunk, we also think the same.

Seemingly drunk Tata Safari driver crashes inside underpass; Keeps on going [Video]

It is highly likely a drunk driver case as only someone who is feeling drowsy can drive in such a way. Not stopping to check the car after the crash hoping that no one else suspects the same is why the driver did not stop the vehicle.

The video shows that the Safari is maintaining the speed limit but the driver probably lost control over the vehicle due to intoxication.

Even though the Tata Safari is a five-star rated vehicle, this intoxicated driving could have caused an accident with other vehicles. Luckily, it was not very crowded at the time of the accident.

Don’t drink and drive

It’s important to note that drinking and driving is a serious offense in India, carrying the risk of imprisonment and substantial fines. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, on-spot tests are less common, allowing some drunk drivers to escape detection. However, it should be understood that consuming alcohol inside a car by anyone other than the driver is also illegal, as it is considered drinking in a public place.

Drinking alcohol impairs the body’s reaction time, leading to significant accidents. Many accidents worldwide involve cases of drunk driving. In India, the maximum allowable blood alcohol limit is 30 mg per 100 ml. If a driver’s alcohol level exceeds this limit, their license can be confiscated, and they may face imprisonment and hefty fines depending on the state. In recent years, there has been a strict enforcement of drunken driving laws, resulting in an increase in the number of cases.

Law enforcement officers can stop a vehicle and measure alcohol levels using a breathalyzer. If a person refuses to take the test, they may be taken to a government-approved hospital for a blood sample analysis. However, currently, police officers often try to assess if a person is intoxicated through conversation before administering a test.

Driving or riding while under the influence of alcohol impairs judgment and significantly raises the risk of accidents. It’s crucial to understand that the effects of alcohol may not dissipate by the next morning after a heavy drinking session. Alcohol can also cause slow and lethargic actions, making it highly dangerous to drive or operate machinery under its influence. It is always advisable to take a cab or have a sober person drive during such circumstances.