Drunk woman abuses policemen and taxi driver [Video]

A video of a young woman has gone viral on social media. In the video, we can see her abusing the taxi driver and the cops. She seems to be influenced by alcohol in the video. As of now, we do not know whether the cops have taken any action against the woman or not.

According to media reports, three young women were going back home from a late-night party in Mumbai. Then one woman who was heavily drunk started abusing the cab driver and managed to take control of the car. She sat on the driver’s seat and would not surrender. We can see her holding the collar of a policeman and even abusing everyone who is passing along the road. The video was shot by the driver of the cab. We can hear him saying that she would be responsible if anything happens to the car. Her friends try to stop her but she won’t listen to them. The friends then just stand on the side of the road, they can be seen embarrassed.

Consequences of such incidents

Drunk woman abuses policemen and taxi driver [Video]

Creating nuisance on public roads is dangerous to the person as well as the motorists. The whole scenario could have been avoided if the girl would have drank responsibly. If the incident would have happened in the morning then it would have created a huge traffic jam. Such nuisances distract the motorists which decreases their attention and increases the chances of an accident.

Not the first incident

Last year in August, a video surfaced on the internet in which a young woman was under the influence of alcohol and was lying on the road with heavy traffic. The police received a phone call about the nuisance caused by the woman. There is a video of the woman but she was not caught because she fled from the scene. No medical test has been conducted because the woman was never caught. What she did was reckless and someone could have gotten hurt very badly. Cops said that they are trying to find the girl but then the story went cold.

Why not drink and drive?

Drinking slows down our reflexes and response time. And driving is an activity where you need constant attention. This is because the vehicles around you can suddenly brake and you should be ready to apply the brakes of your vehicle. Alcohol makes concentrating on the road difficult. Because of this, the driver can miss out on important road signs, speed limits, pedestrians hiding behind the bush on the dividers, lane markings etc. Alcohol also affects vision, it makes vision blurry and you might also lose control of your eye movement. Because of this, you can miss out on a lot of important information that is in your peripheral vision.

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