Drunk woman crashes her car into a scooter & creates ruckus on road: Arrested [Video]

We have come across several videos where drink and driving have caused accident. One of the recent example from Pandakkal, Puducherry near Mahe shows why one should not ever drive a vehicle after consuming alcohol. A video of a woman car driver has now surfaced online that shows her creating a ruckus on the road after she crashed her car into a scooter. The lady then argued with locals who asked her about the accident.

The woman has been identified as Raseena crashed her car into a scooter and injured three members of a family. After the accident, locals gathered around the car to check on them including the lady. Raseena who was driving the car was found drunk and soon she started abusing the locals who gathered around the vehicle. In the video, she can be seen attempting to escape the spot several times but, the locals made sure that she does not go anywhere. Soon local police of the region came to the spot and asked her to step out of the vehicle.

All this time, she can be seen hurling abuses over the locals and the person who was recording the video. According to the reports, Raseena even attacked some of the locals who were present at the spot and also threw away the phone of a biker who argued with her. The cops who came to the spot took Raseena in custody and in medical examination, it was revealed that Raseena was drunk and she was driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol and that is what had caused the accident. The local police registered a case from drink and drive and also for creating ruckus on the road.

Drunk woman crashes her car into a scooter & creates ruckus on road: Arrested [Video]

Drunk and driving is very dangerous and we have written about the same in the past several times. Drinking slows down the reaction time of the driver and that is extremely important when you are driving. In India, a maximum limit of alcohol in the blood is 30 mg per 100 ml. Police and authorities have the right to suspend or even cancel the license of the driver if they are found driving drunk or the alcohol levels in the blood is more than the above mentioned limit. In many other states, people can also go to jail for driving drunk and have to pay hefty fines.

If the driver refuses to take the test using a breathlyzer machine, cops can take him to a nearby hospital and do the medical examination. This is not the first time, we have come across a report like this. Last month, a Mahindra Thar driver was caught and thrashed by public after he rammed the SUV into multiple cars and two wheelers. The video had gone viral on the internet. In an attempt to flee from an accident spot, the drunk Mahindra Thar driver crashed into multiple vehicles. Patiala police finally took the driver into custody for creating a ruckus on the road and all three occupants of the car have been charged under Section 307 (attempt to murder) and Section 279 (rash driving in a public way) of the Indian Penal Code.