Drunk woman in Mahindra Thar challenges police officers to arrest her [Video]

Drinking and driving is a serious offence and if caught, you can even land in jail. However, there are still many out there who do it and even fight with the cops when caught. Here is a video from Tiruvallur, which seems to shows a woman driver of a Mahindra Thar challenging the police officers to arrest her if she did anything wrong.

The video was posted by Behindwoods Air Youtube channel, which covers news from Tamil Nadu.

The video from Tiruvallur near Chennai, Tamil Nadu. To celebrate the completion of her training, the woman had gone with friends to a five-star hotel where she reportedly she got drunk.

While driving back home from the party, according to the video, the Mahindra Thar hit a van from behind. The driver of the van stopped and started arguing with the woman, which attracted a crowd from all around. Due to the continuous arguments between them, the cops arrived at the spot. The cops suspected that she is drunk. The video shows what happened next.

In the video, we can see the woman screaming at the cops and was trying to get them talking but the cops stayed calm and quiet. With the way the woman was behaving, the cops figured out that she was drunk indeed. Since the cops could not control her temper at the spot, they called her friends who came after some time.

The video also shows the last-generation Mahindra Thar and the heavily damaged left fender, which happened due to the accident. Her friends also try to make her understand and control her by requesting her to sit in the vehicle and leave from the spot. However, in the video, she does not listen to her friends too.

Mahindra Thar seized

Drunk woman in Mahindra Thar challenges police officers to arrest her [Video]

In the end, the cops asked her friends to take her home and they seized the Mahindra Thar.

There was no woman police officer at the spot and as it was night, male cops were not allowed to arrest her or even take her in the custody. According to the law, the police station also should have a woman cop if a woman is to be kept in police custody at night. We are not sure if the drunk woman in the video knew about this rule. However, she was constantly challenging the cops to arrest her, if she did wrong.

In the end, the video shows that the police vehicle is towing the Mahindra Thar with the help of a rope. The cops seized the Mahindra Thar at the spot and asked her friends to take the woman home. The cops also asked the friends to inform the parents of the girl. We are not sure if the cops took action against her the following day.

Drinking and driving is a major offence and the authorities take very strict action including cancellation of the driving license. The cops can even send the offender to jail for such an offence.