Allegedly drunk woman lies down on road, & tries to block traffic

The incident happened at Hirabag Chowk near Tilak Road, Pune. In the video, we can see a young woman who is probably under the influence of alcohol is lying on the main road and trying to stop the traffic. The video does not have any audio so we don’t know what exactly is going on.

The incident happened around 10:30 PM. The woman is trying to stop the moving vehicles which can be extremely dangerous. The police did receive the call about the nuisance that the woman was creating. However, they were not able to catch her. Also, no one knows her side of the story till now.

 “As per our information, the woman came to Hirabaug from Khadak area. The video shows her lying down on the road for a few minutes. After police received the call, our teams went to the spot but she managed to flee.” said Senior Inspector Balasaheb Kopnar who is the in-charge of Swargate police station.

Allegedly drunk woman lies down on road, & tries to block traffic

It is not yet known what exactly happened because the woman fled away from the scene. So, no medical test has been conducted. The police do not know her side of the story but they are saying that what she did was reckless and someone could have got hurt. Once she is traced, she will be interrogated and based on that the action will be taken.

“We are looking for the woman. While it seems from the video that the woman was under the influence of something, possibly alcohol, we can’t say that for sure since no medical test has been done. There is no doubt that her conduct was reckless. After we trace her, we will try to know her side of the story and accordingly action will be taken. She may be given a warning… she can also be charged for causing public nuisance… depending on the explanation given by her.” said, a senior police officer.

Allegedly drunk woman lies down on road, & tries to block traffic

Another thing that the police officer revealed is that the crowd that was gathered was clapping. It is still not known whether they were motivating or supporting the women to stop the traffic. It could be possible that the crowd was trying to take the attention of the women. Nonetheless, the video of the women has gone viral on various social media platforms. The police officer has said that they will not take the action based just on the video. They will be examining the case before deciding anything.

“We have also been told that people were clapping when the woman was lying on the road. These days, nothing can escape the camera and things immediately go viral on social media platforms. But that does not mean we can take action just based on a video. We will examine the matter as per the rules and take action accordingly.” The senior police officer added.