Dubai Crown Prince praises delivery boy who removed bricks from the road

In the past, we have come across several acts of kindness on road. These are often appreciated by authorities when they notice it. Recently a delivery man in Dubai was praised praised by Dubai Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed for his act on the road. The delivery man cleared building bricks that were lying on the road creating problem for other road users. The video of the delivery man removing the bricks from the road had gone viral on the internet and when the Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed came across the video, he was curious to know who the delivery guy actually was.

The video has been shared by MediaoneTV Live on their YouTube channel. The delivery man seen here in the video is Abdul Ghafoor from Pakistan. Abdul was on his way to deliver an order to a customer. When he came across a traffic signal, he noticed couple of construction bricks lying on the road. Abdul was in his motorcycle that he uses to deliver food. His signal was Red, so he immediately got down from his motorcycle and walked towards the bricks. It is not clear on how the bricks ended up on the road. It might have fallen from a truck carrying these.

The bricks were creating inconvenience for other road users and it could even create an accident, especially for two-wheeler users like himself. He walked to the other side of the road and immediately picked up both the bricks. He carried them to the other side of the road and left them on the median. A person who was sitting in a car at the same traffic signal saw Abdul Ghafoor moving to the bricks and he started recording the video. This is the video that went viral. After watching the video, Crown Price Hamdan bin Mohammed shared it on Twitter and wrote, “An act of goodness in Dubai to be praised. Can someone point me to this man?”

Soon, he came to know that the person in the video is Abdul Ghafoor. He is working as a delivery agent with Talabat in Dubai. Talabat is an online food ordering company which is operating in the UAE. The Prince also posted on Twitter that, he will be meeting Abdul Ghafoor soon. Not only did he post the image of the rider on Twitter but also on his personal Instagram profile. He appreciated, Abdul Ghafoor’s quick thinking in the situation. Bricks and other objects like this on the road would create issues for the riders like himself.

Specially at night, when the visibility is less, there are chances that some other vehicles (car or bike) might hit it and that would lead to an accident. By picking up the building bricks from the road, he tried to avoid such a situation. According to various reports, soon the Prince posted the video, Abdul received a call from Dubai police asking him to confirm his contact details. They told him that the prince would like to talk to him. The prince told Abdul over the phone that he will be meeting him once he is back in Dubai.