Ducati Panigale’s near-miss shows importance of slowing down at crossings

India sees one of the largest numbers of accidents in the world every year. Out of these accidents, many are near-miss. Here is one such near-miss hair-raising video of a Ducati Panigale almost hitting another motorcycle that was crossing the road.


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The incident is somewhere from the Southern part of India and is uploaded by Deepu.Vlogs on Instagram. The rider was on the BMW S1000RR on the highway maintaining a good speed. That’s when the motorcycles approach a crossing. The BMW S1000RR rider slows down after spotting a biker crossing the road. However, it seems like the rider on the Ducati Panigale missed that completely.

The video shows that the Ducati Panigale rider overtook the BMW S1000RR and almost hit the motorcycle rider crossing the road. The hair-raising moments show the near-miss incident could have translated into a major accident. Both the motorcycles were away from each other by only a few inches.

We are not sure if the super bikers confronted the person who was crossing the road without checking for oncoming traffic. It was a disaster averted by the quick reaction of the Ducati Panigale rider.

Indian roads and riding safely

Ducati Panigale’s near-miss shows importance of slowing down at crossings

The Indian roads are extremely unsafe. We commonly see stray animals, cattle and pedestrians crossing the road. There are even vehicles that come on the wrong side or take turns without using the indicators. It is very important to ride within the safe speed limit on the Indian roads so that the speed can be controlled during emergency situations.

Superbikes are extremely popular machines and even if they are road legal, they can attain extreme speeds in no time. Most superbikes are even quicker than the supercars and cross the three-digit speed limit in the first gear itself. It is difficult to keep the speed under control, especially on open highways.

But after seeing this video, it becomes imperative to keep the speed under the road limit. Riding superbikes can be challenging on the roads and we suggest that speed lovers take their performance machines to the tracks where one can speed under a controlled environment.

As there is no concept of the right-of-way in India, it is always a good idea to slow down to safer speeds on the roads when approaching a crossing. Also, when on the highways, it is always a good idea to slow down while crossing populated areas like cities and villages. Even though there are proper crossings made for pedestrians, most people do not use these crossings and try to save time by loitering on the highways. Also, such areas have a high chance of stray animals and cattles.