This Ducati Scrambler is actually a modified Bajaj Pulsar 180 [Video]

Scrambler bikes have been gaining popularity in India of late. We have seen a lot of examples of normal street bikes converted into mad scramblers. As of now, there is still not a single manufacturer that offers an affordable Scrambler styled motorcycle in India. It was expected that Jawa will bring in a scrambler motorcycle in India but that didn’t happen and neither is expected to in the coming time. However, this does not stop bike lovers from modifying their bikes into scramblers. Below is a great example of a regular bike turned into a hot rod scrambler. Let’s now checkout the video by Bullet Singh Boisar before moving further into the details of the bike.

As seen in the video, this custom made scrambler looks radical. It is based on the older generation Bajaj Pulsar 180 and has been designed to resemble the Ducati Scrambler. The Ducati Scrambler is one of the best and most popular bikes in the world which are built following the scrambler design philosophy. However, what wins the show here is the fact that how neatly the Pulsar has been done. We are sure one would have a hard time if asked which bike is it based on (engine is a giveaway though). Let’s now move onto further details and see all what has gone into building this mean machine.

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As mentioned earlier, this scrambler is based on the Bajaj Pulsar 180 (first generation). However, a lot of changes have been made on the bike in order to achieve this look, including both aesthetic and mechanical changes. The rear sub frame has been changed completely and is now short tailed. The front headlight is a custom LED projector unit enclosed in a round housing. The front USD forks are taken from KTM Duke along with the handle bars. The rear view mirrors are mounted on bar ends to give the bike a typical scrambler look.

The instrument cluster is a single pod unit mounted on top of the handlebar. A lot of other bits have been picked from KTM Duke including the rear monoshock, exhaust pipe, and front forks along with many others. A big belly pan has been fitted onto the bike which again has been taken from the Duke. The saddle is a custom ribbed piece finished in a shade of tan. The LED tail lights have been incorporated in the frame bar. The bike now gets disk brakes at both the front and the rear. The tank used on this modified scrambler is taken from a Hero Super Splendor. However, it has been cut on sides and welded with custom made panels to achieve the typical scrambler look.


Other mechanical changes include a more powerful engine which has been done by increasing the engine bore. The bike is now oil cooled which was required due to the engine enhancements. The total cost of this mod job is approximately around Rs. 92,000, which is not a small figure. However, you get a hot looking Scrambler motorcycle that will definitely turn heads wherever you go.