Duke 125: CHEAPEST KTM motorcycle launching soon!

KTM India has become quite popular for its value-for-money entry-level performance motorcycles in India. However, the most affordable bike from the brand in India is the 200 Duke that retails at around Rs. 1.43 lakh, ex-showroom. KTM is now planning to launch a much cheaper product in the segment that will make the Austrian brand much more accessible to the enthusiasts.

Duke 125: CHEAPEST KTM motorcycle launching soon!

KTM manufactures all the entry-level bikes in India and exports them to various international markets. Even though bikes like 125 Duke are made in India, they are not on sale in the Indian market. KTM is now planning to launch the 125 Duke in the Indian market and according to Overdrive, the launch may happen as early as next month. The 125 Duke is most likely to launch as Bajaj is preparing to bring in the entry-level Pulsar 125 in the Indian market. The Pulsar 125 will replace the ageing Pulsar 135 LS from the line-up.

The international spec KTM 125 Duke gets many features like standard dual-channel ABS but we can expect the Indian model to be different. KTM may remove the ABS and install the combi-brake system in the 125 Duke as it will become mandatory in every two-wheeler below 125cc in India. Even the Bajaj Pulsar 125 that has been launched in Poland gets the combi-brake system. KTM may use the similar system in the 125 Duke to ensure competitive pricing. It should be noted that all the two-wheelers above 125cc will have to offer mandatory ABS from 2019 in the Indian market.

The 124.7cc, single-cylinder engine of the KTM 125 Duke produces a maximum of 15 Bhp at 9,500 rpm and 11.8 Nm at 8,000 rpm. Being an entry-level model, KTM is expected to put a price tag of around Rs. 1 lakh on the bike. It will take on the likes of Yamaha FZ and Suzuki Gixxer in the Indian market.

The 125 Duke looks quite similar to the 390 Duke in terms of styling. It gets a similar headlamp housing and the international version also gets the DRL. However, we may see a different headlamp unit for the Indian market that will allow KTM to further cut the prices. Interestingly, KTM’s subsidiary Husqvarna is also planning to make an official entry to the Indian market in 2019 with the new launches – Svartpilen and Vitpilen.

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