dwsAuto members debate which is better: Polo or Figo?

This has been a discussion that won’t be forgotten in a hurry, with every aspect of the Polo and Figo — from the manufacturers’ legacy and vehicle specifications to driving comfort and on-the-ground performance – being dissected and examined.

In the end, Polo drove away with the honours, garnering 26 votes and collecting praise for its “build quality”, “engine life”, “design and safety” and “boot space”, though there were grumblings about “noise” and “turbo lag”.

Figo bagged 17 votes, getting penalized for “Ford’s high-maintenance track record.” However, it outmaneuvered the World Car of 2010 on “practical design for the Indian joint family”. For the full discussion, click here.

CarToq selected the best arguments from both camps. It turns out that though Polo got more votes than the Figo, the Figo camp was more articulate and had a lot more reasons to offer for their choice.

Polo: From a better manufacturer

dwsAuto members debate which is better: Polo or Figo?

Kumaravelu Somasundaram World car of the year 2010 … VW Polo … :) The Best

Pulkit Ahuja Of course VW Polo because VW is a better company than Ford and also Polo has more features good quality, good design and more safety

Mir Rafay It’s Polo for sure … Fords always tend to give high maintenance expenses.

Figo: Better value for money

Susobhan Maity While Figo can’t match Polo’s built quality, Polo can’t match Figo’s practicality. Overall Figo’s a better family car

Law Kumar Figo any day. VFM best in its segment!!!

Amol Ghorpade Figo is best hatchback in seating comfort & ac.

Aman Monga: Features-wise Figo beats Polo. In terms of price and engine also, Figo has got an upper hand. Figo is the best value for money diesel hatchback in India today. Next comes Swift/Ritz. Polo does have better built quality but that’s not the only thing we look in a car.

Polo: Better build

Benny Thomas Polo gear shift is pretty good compared to Ford Figo.

Raku Nath hmm….Polo is the best, according to the technical aspects…comfort stability, interior quality, boot space. And engine life is far better than Figo.

Figo: Preferred by owner of both cars

dwsAuto members debate which is better: Polo or Figo?Prabhsimran Singh Kalsi I have both Polo and Figo. You all will be shocked to hear that my Polo fails in hilly areas. Last week, I went to Manali and we drove the car in 1st or second gear only. Whereas Figo doesn’t feel hilly area or plain area.

In my view, Figo is the best hatchback. It gives more mileage than Polo. More top speed than Polo, more comfortable than Polo, more features than Polo. Great handling, superior pickup, great control and now am big fan of Ford cars. Ford Figo is the best.

Figo: Better engine

Aman Monga Shed out your emotional thoughts. POLO is better looking car than a Figo anyday, but if you compare diesel engines of both these cars then Polo has a long way to go and touch Figo’s incredible tdci engine. Polo has got so much turbo lag that it takes away all the fun that you want to have while driving in your car.

Vishwas Bharadwaj Figo is better than the polo and I don’t like the noise of diesel Polo. Guys understand Figo has 4cycle engine and the “GERMAN” engineered has 3 cycle engine. So it’s definitely worth buying Figo which is value for money

Raku Nath Vishwas Bharadwaj: You said, Figo has 4cycle engine and the “GERMAN” engineered has 3 cyl engine…You know what? That’s the specialty of GERMAN Engineering, from the minimum resource they produce maximum output…..

Vishwas Bharadwaj [email protected] Nath i agree with you but what is the use of that? It neither gives more mileage nor its too soft to drive. Have you heard the noise the diesel Polo makes? We can make out easily that the engine is put to work every time.


Jyoti Sajnani Polo appeals to the heart. Figo appeals to the head.

Well said, Jyoti!