E Bull jet van-life modified Force Traveller seized, vlogger arrested!

In the last couple of years, van life has become popular in India. Several travel vloggers are now opting to travel in vans to reduce the cost of such trips. One such popular vloggers from Kerala were E Bull Jet. Kerala based vloggers and their van Napoleon is quite popular in the YouTube community. Recently, E Bull Jet made some modifications to their Force Traveller and ever since then, things are not going good for the YouTubers. Kerala MVD recently seized their Caravan and now YouTubers Ebin and Libin have been arrested too. A clear picture of what is happening is not available at the moment.

Several videos explaining the incident have surfaced online but, a clear picture of the whole incident is not available. In the first video, vloggers explain the whole incident. They had recently modified their Traveller and it is a vehicle that has camper permit or Caravan permit. As per the video, MVD visited vlogger’s house and told them that the permit for the vehicle has expired and they are taking the vehicle with them. Vlogger’s can pay the permit amount and take the vehicle but, when vlogger verified the documents, the permit had not expired and later they brought the Caravan back to their home.

Next day, when they were shooting a video, MVD arrives at a their house once again and mentions there is some issue with the documents of the vehicle and they are taking the vehicle once again. Officers asked them to come to Kannur RTO to clear all the confusion related to the document of the vehicle.

In the next video, the whole scene changes, the tax problem is not mentioned anywhere, vlogger can be heard saying in the video that the officers at RTO have been harassing them because they have modified their vehicle. The original colour of the van seen in the video was White and now it has been repainted in black colour. It is not known whether YouTubers had legally changed the colour of the vehicle on RC after re-painiting. They have also installed LED bar lights and auxiliary lamps on the roof of the van.

According to reports, vloggers engaged in verbal conflicts with the officers. The vloggers had also posted on their Instagram profile that the officers have seized their vehicle and are harassing them. After watching the online video, several followers came to the RTO in support of the vloggers and this created a scene at the office. MVD officers ca be heard saying in the video that the vloggers broke COVID-19 protocol in the office compound and they also interrupted the work at the RTO.

After things started becoming worse, MVD got in touch with Kannur town Police who came to the spot and took both the vloggers in custody. Vloggers had mentioned in one of their video that they are being targeted and they also mentioned in their Instagram profile that they are stopping van life vlogging from now on. It is still not clear whether the van was taken in custody for not paying the taxes, modification or for both.

E Bull jet van-life modified Force Traveller seized, vlogger arrested!

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Ajeesh Kuttan

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