E-rickshaw topples on live video even as UP man complains about poor roads causing crashes

Even though India has one of the largest road networks in the world, most people are not happy with the condition of the roads. A man from Uttar Pradesh was giving an interview and talking about the same bad roads when a perfectly timed autorickshaw entered the camera frame. What happened next sure is bizarre.

The clip shared online widely shows a man from Ballia, UP talking to a reporter about the sorry state of the roads in the neighbourhood. While he was ranting about the condition of the roads and how bad roads are causing accidents and delays, an e-rickshaw carrying passengers enters the camera frame. The rickshaw travelled on the road hit a water-filled pothole and toppled over with the passengers.

A journalist shared the video online and said,

In UP’s Ballia, a reporter was talking to a commuter over the poor quality of roads ridden with potholes. The commuter was explaining how accidents and E-rickshaws overturning is a very frequent phenomenon. What happened at the end is something you should watch for yourself.

The man in the video was talking about the e-rickshaws toppling due to the potholes. He also mentioned the pitiful state of the roads despite numerous complaints and requests made by the residents of the locality.

The same journalist shared another video stating that the authorities have started working to repair the roads but he says that authorities have only done a few patchworks and the road is still far from being called a proper road.

Police: Motorists responsible for accidents on bad roads

E-rickshaw topples on live video even as UP man complains about poor roads causing crashes

A few years ago, Ahmedabad Police lambasted motorists and said that if a fatal accident happens due to potholes or bad road surface then no one other than the driver will be held responsible.

There have been many such cases where motorists have been involved in fatal accidents due to poor road conditions across India. While the motorists blame the civic agencies for the quality of the roads, cops holding the motorists responsible with stricter laws will be something different in India. It is likely to be followed in Ahmedabad, Gujarat for now before other cities adopt such a rule.

A few days ago, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari blamed the poor design of the roads, poor project reports, driver’s behaviour and enforcement issues for road crashes and fatalities in India. Gadkari said,

People park vehicles on roads. There is a lack of driving sense. There is no respect for traffic rules and no fear of offence. This is because people feel they can easily manage. I don’t want to elaborate more on it as you all know the extent of corruption on the roads.

Back in 2017, the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, made a questionable claim by declaring the roads of Madhya Pradesh better than those of Washington. His statement was heavily criticized by netizens, who then posted pictures of actual roads of Madhya Pradesh filled with potholes on Twitter.

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