Earn Rs. 500 by reporting wrong parking: Minister Nitin Gadkari

Nitin Gadkari is known as one of those Union Ministers who have taken various innovative and stricter consistent measures in his department. In recent years, the minister for road transport and highways has introduced several bold changes to automobiles, highway infrastructure, and road laws. In a unique move, the minister has now commented that he is going to introduce a new rule, under which the people who will be informed about wrong parking practices by offenders will be awarded.

In his recent interaction with the media, Nitin Gadkari stated that he plans to introduce a new law in which a person will be rewarded with Rs 500 if he/she sends a photograph of a wrongly parked vehicle on the streets. The said reward will be given to the concerned person only if the total fine works out to be Rs 1,000.

It is not clear whether Gadkari made this statement out of amusement, or if he will bring reforms to support this statement. He made this statement to curb the issue of illegal parking of vehicles by people on roads, especially in tighter lanes, which usually result in traffic congestion and poor traffic management. However, it will be interesting to see how this rule will be implied if it comes into effect.

Statement after reducing parking space

Earn Rs. 500 by reporting wrong parking: Minister Nitin Gadkari

Gadkari made this statement out of the situations in which people don’t find or make parking spots for their vehicles and instead park their vehicles on the road and wrongly occupy the space. In support of his statement, he said that the number of cars owned per family is rising with time. He said that even his cook now owns two second-hand vehicles. In a rather sarcastic manner, he commented that the people living in Delhi should feel lucky that the government has made roads for parking their vehicles. He concluded by saying that a majority of people do not use valid parking spaces for their vehicles but wrongfully park them on roads, which generally block the ongoing traffic.

Ever since Nitin Gadkari has taken the charge of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, the department has been coming up with stricter norms and rules for the betterment of the society and automotive industry as a whole. In recent years, the Union Minister has given green signals to several revolutionary reforms, such as stricter BS6 emission norms, stricter safety regulations in cars and two-wheelers, and the massive push for the electric mobility segment.