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EASY motorcycle stunts everyone can do

Motorcycles are one fun way of transiting self from point A to B. Gaining control over a two-wheeler is something everyone on wheels wishes and dreams off. Easy tricks on a motorcycle can put you on the top of famous person list of friend circles. While stunting on public roads is a complete NO-NO, practicing and performing such daredevil acts under controlled situation may also attract a huge fan following.

Bajaj Pulsar Stunt

We bring you few easy stunts that can be performed on averagely powered motorcycles and can rocket launch your skill set and popularity with motorcycles. But make sure that you are wearing all the safety gears while performing or practicing any of these stunts as losing control while performing these stunts may result in serious injury. Always make sure to wear a helmet, gloves, ankle supportive shoes, elbow and knee guards.


This is one of the easiest stunts that you can perform with a motorcycle. Pump wheelies can be performed with any motorcycle with little effort but for power wheelie, you will need a powerful motorcycle.
Pump wheelies can be performed while riding the motorcycle in first gear at a speed below 20 km/h. Apply the front brake firmly and let go of it suddenly. While the front shock absorbers rebound, you need to accelerate quickly while pulling the handlebars up. It may take few tries but eventually the wheel comes up in the air.


What can go wrong?
Too much of acceleration can bring the front-wheel too high in the air and the motorcycle can flip on the rider causing serious harm. Get a hang of rear brakes so that you can use it if needed when the front wheel reaches high in the air.

Pro Tip: You need to modulate the accelerator and change gear in a way that it maintains the wheelie over a distance. This is called rolling wheelie and requires some serious skills.


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This can be performed with motorcycles that have front disc brake. If the motorcycle comes with ABS and there is no option to turn it off, you won’t be able to perform this stunt. Stoppie can be practiced while doing slow speed of around 20-25 km/h. Jamming the front brake suddenly will bring the rear tyre up in the air. Body weight shifting is one major part of the stunt. The weight needs to be on the front wheel completely. You can eventually increase the speed to get the rear wheel at more height.

What can go wrong?
Jamming the brake very hard may cause the motorcycle to flip in front completely. There are instances of the rider losing balance while doing the act and the motorcycle falling sideways. At times, the front fork also gives in to the weight and breaks.

Rolling Stoppie

This is an advanced version of stoppie and needs an excellent command of the motorcycle. Rolling stoppie happens when you do a stoppie and hold it for a few metres. When the stoppie is achieved, release the front brake just a little so that the motorcycle starts moving and then maintain the pressure just so much that motorcycle maintains the wheelie too. Maintain the balance over next few metres.

What can go wrong?
Riding on just front wheel needs excellent concentration and control. A slight body weight shift can bring you down in a blink.



You can do a burnout in any of the motorcycles with good front brake. If the brakes are not good enough, lineup yourself against a support like a wall. While holding the front brake as tightly as possible, use the throttle and the clutch so that the rear tyre starts to slip against the ground. The burnout produces a lot of smoke creating a dramatic scenario.

What can go wrong?
Burnout puts a lot of pressure on the engine, front brake and the clutch. All these can wear off quickly if too many burnouts are performed. If somehow you lose grip of the front brake, the motorcycle can shoot and hit something in front.


This is a burnout with next level of skillset. Donuts can be performed while doing burn out and slowly sliding the motorcycle so that the rear wheel makes a complete circle. It can be done in two ways, one by keeping one of your foot on the ground and circling around it. The other way is little tricky where you actually stand on the motorcycle while controlling the throttle so that the rear tyre spins continuously and you make a circle. This may take years of practice but is one the favourite stunts used by professional stunters all over the world.
Donuts can be very attractive to the onlookers and also leaves a mark of your presence at the site.

What can go wrong?
Well, almost everything. If the rear tyre slides too much, the motorcycle can slip and you can lose all the control.

If you are not sure how dangerious motorcycle stunts can become if you do it on public roads, check out our compilation on it:


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