Easy ways to remove dents at home

Easy ways to remove dents at home

India is a place where traffic rules and laws aren’t followed by many. This results in total chaos. Since there are other cars, bikes, autos, rickshaws, tractors, animals to contend with on the road, keeping a car in pristine condition is a tough job, especially it is a daily driver.

We had previously done a story on easy ways to remove scratches from your car. We now thought of showing a better way to remove dents as well. Since most of our cars use plastic body parts (bumpers, etc), there is an easy way to repair it as shown in the video below:

The video above shows a very easy way of removing dents from a vehicle. You only require a toilet plunger and a kettle with boiling hot water. To begin with, all you need to do is pour a lot of hot water around the dented area. As you know, metals and plastics expand on heating. This hot water will enable the particles of the dented area to expand. Pulling the dented area out with a plunger immediately will get the dented area out and back to normal. This will save you a repair bill for denting. Incase the paint work on your car hasn’t come off, your car will be back to new with this technique.

There are other dent removal kits that are available online that do the job as well depending on the size and the shape of the dent.

These dent removal kits have a suction mount and are useful for small dents that aren’t too big. There are a few of them available based on the budget you are looking at: Link.

All you need to do is the apply the suction on the dent in an outside to inside manner as shown in the video and this will help bring your car back to new condition. This can be extremely useful, especially in India.