Ecosport caught 25 times for overspeeding nearly falls into river; Airbags save passengers

On Tuesday, a Ford Ecosport collided with the railing of a bridge on the highway, near Kasaragod, after the driver lost control of the vehicle.

But what happened:

Ecosport caught 25 times for overspeeding nearly falls into river; Airbags save passengers

As we mentioned above, the Ford Ecosport which was carrying 4 passengers (1 woman and child including) was on its way from Mumbai to Vadakara. This particular bridge on which the accident occured was an old one, near Kasaragod in Kerala. However it had been recently opened for traffic again. We believe that the driver got confused and crashed into the bridge while turning. Luckily, the railing did its job of stopping the vehicle from going ahead as there is a river flowing below. Had the railing collapsed, the vehicle would have fallen into the river and the situation may have been different.

What about the passengers?

The airbags deployed and all passengers walked out of the vehicle without any injury, which is impressive given how bad the impact looks. The car crash structure has done a good job in taking in the impact and protecting the passenger cabin. Damage is restricted to the front end only, which is a good thing.


A peculiar thing was noted by the Kerala Motor Vehicle Department. According to them, this very vehicle had been caught for speeding 25 times by the speed cameras which were installed. Now there is no clarity on whether the vehicle was speeding 25 times on this very trip of 25 times in total. But surely gives one indication about the driver.

Safe highway driving:

One common sight on Indian highways is speeding vehicles. The government has set speed limits based on the infrastructure at hand, which is why you see the speed limits on the lower side. However low they may seem, they are meant to be adhered to. Speeding over long distances takes a lot of concentration and is risky as well, since our highways are filled with unmarked bumps, people/cattle crossing, blind intersections where people assume right of way as well as other people who don’t obey road rules.

Here are a few tips to make sure your highway journey is smooth and comfortable:

  1. Drive at a constant speed, which allows you to be more relaxed.
  2. If you are not sure about the road conditions, drive slower. No point in driving fast only to realize that the curve was sharper than you had expected.
  3. Stop if you are feeling tired. No point in driving without full concentration.
  4. Expect the unexpected. People, two-wheelers and cattle will spring up in between. You will have to drive keeping an eye out for them.

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