Tired of EcoSport waiting periods? Here are your alternatives!

Not everyone wants to wait several months for a Ford EcoSport – and you WILL have to wait months for any variant. So what are your alternatives if you are not patient enough?

Tired of EcoSport waiting periods? Here are your alternatives!

The compact SUV segment is booming and this isn’t without reason. Potholes, ruts, bumps and under body busting speedbreakers are a few of the many obstacles a car driver has to face in his or her everyday commute. Crossovers and SUVs, with their higher ground clearance and imposing presence make much better sense on Indian roads, where might is always right. Compact SUVs, spawned by the likes of the Premier Rio and the Mahindra Quanto, have evolved quite rapidly. Relatively affordable options such as the Ford EcoSport, Renault Duster and the Nissan Terrano make up the evolved bunch of compact SUVs sold in India. Full size 7 seat models such as the Tata Safari and Mahindra Scorpio are also viable alternatives to sedan buyers, price wise.

The Ford EcoSport, which was launched a few months ago in India, has stormed the compact SUV market. The killer pricing (Rs. 5.82-9.37 lakhs) of this SUV has had Ford India laughing all the way to the bank with monthly sales figures at life time highs. Flooded with a deluge of bookings for the EcoSport, the American car maker is unable to meet demand. Compounding woes for Ford, the made-in-India EcoSport is also exported to many countries. Net-net, a lot of disappointed prospective buyers, who’re turned off by the 6-12 month waiting periods that the EcoSport now commands. So, if you’re heart is set on the Ford EcoSport but can’t afford to wait for more than 2 months for an SUV, here are other options you may consider:

Renault Duster: Rs. 7.99-12.18 lakhs

Waiting Period – Immediate delivery to 2 weeks, depending on the location

Tired of EcoSport waiting periods? Here are your alternatives!

The Renault Duster is a tried and tested product. A rebadged Dacia Duster, the Renault Duster is available with petrol and turbo diesel engine options. Although pricier than the EcoSport by more than a lakh, variant to variant, the Duster is now available with chunky discounts, which somewhat make the SUV’s pricing palatable. The SUV is more spacious than the EcoSport and also comes with a larger luggage area.

Nissan Terrano: Rs. 9.60-12.46 lakhs

Waiting Period – 1-2 months

Tired of EcoSport waiting periods? Here are your alternatives!

The Terrano is a Duster in swankier clothes, a prime reason design conscious buyers to make the switch from the Duster. However, the Terrano is pricier than the Duster while omitting key features. So, buy the Terrano only if you cannot stomach the Duster’s looks. Engines and transmissions are carried over from the Duster as the Terrano is only a reskinned and decontented Duster.

Mahindra Scorpio: Rs. 8.08-12.75 lakhs

Waiting Period –  1-2 weeks

Tired of EcoSport waiting periods? Here are your alternatives!

The Mahindra Scorpio is a 7 seat SUV that is larger than the Duster-Terrano-EcoSport trio. Being a product from Mahindra, a quintessentially Indian automaker yet to reach the levels of refinement offered by a Renault or a Ford, the Scorpio lags behind the Dusters and EcoSports when it comes to fit and finish levels. However, armed with multiple engine options and attractive pricing, the Scorpio does make  compelling case for itself for those who simply cannot wait long enough for a EcoSport or for that matter a Terrano. The Scorpio is also available in 4 wheel drive guise, a feature not available on the compact SUV brigade.

Tata Safari DICOR: Rs. 8.63-13.55 lakhs

Waiting Period – 2 weeks

Tired of EcoSport waiting periods? Here are your alternatives!

One of India’s oldest SUVs this side of the Jeeps, the Tata Safari has seen many refinements over the years. This makes the Safari DICOR a viable option for an SUV buyer who wants a plush ride, great street presence, and a tried and tested 2.2 liter DICOR turbo diesel engine. A body-on-ladder SUV, the Safari isn’t as agile as the aforementioned compact SUVs, but when it comes to delivering oodles of space and competent performance at a value-price tag, the Safari is a good buy.