Eeeks! Snake inside Maruti Vitara Brezza engine bay

In India, like elsewhere, wildlife can be a problem for vehicles. Most commonly, rodents crawl inside vehicles to cut wires and cause major issues. However, on the road, all kinds of animals including stray dogs, cattle and even snakes can come across your path. Seen here is a live snake which is resting in the engine of Maruti Vitara Brezza.

Eeeks! Snake inside Maruti Vitara Brezza engine bay

What happened here?


The picture and the video come from A.M. Motors in Calicut, Kerala. The south-Indian state has an extensive green cover which makes such snake sightings common in the region. The bizarre incident shows a snake, possibly a python, curled up nicely in the engine bay.

Everyone present in the showroom swung into action after discovering the snake in the engine bay. The snake seems to be quite long from the video that has been posted. It was finally tackled by the people with the help of sticks and was put in a bamboo basket.

Can snake crawl up in a closed car?

The heat of the car’s engine attracts cold-blooded reptiles like snakes. Even though it is uncommon, snakes can find a way to the car engine bay or the interiors. Generally, snakes follow rodents and end up inside the vehicle. There are air vents and ducts in vehicles which allow the passage of such animals.

How to make sure that the car is snake free?

Snakes are found in the areas with tall grass or damp wooden areas. It is advised not park vehicle in such areas if snakes are common. Snakes are unlikely to enter the cabin of the vehicle. The dark and warm engine bay acts as a perfect place for them. If snakes are prevalent in the area, then pop the hood to check for any animals.

Always keep the doors and the windows closed while passing through snake infested areas or parking at such places. Snakes can crawl up through small gaps. If you find a snake inside the vehicle or in the engine bay, it is always a better idea to call the animal rescue rather than tackling the problem yourself.

Is it a common incident in India?

Eeeks! Snake inside Maruti Vitara Brezza engine bay

There have been many incidents where snakes have been crushed while crossing the road. Recently, an accident was reported from Ranchi where a motorcycle rider panicked after spotting a snake and lost control of the motorcycle.

Eeeks! Snake inside Maruti Vitara Brezza engine bay

Snakes crawling out of motorcycles and scooters are reported quite often in India. Last year, a snake crawled inside the fairing of a scooter and later came out on the handlebar while the rider was on the road. A couple of years ago, a python crawled up from the fairing of a Honda CBR650F and the rider jumped off the motorcycle.

Eeeks! Snake inside Maruti Vitara Brezza engine bay

Even though the snake incidents are not very common in India, it can be pretty heart wrenching to see a cold-blooded reptile crawling up your vehicle. Always check your vehicles properly before riding or driving it to avoid such surprises.

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