Sikh Grandpa Stunts On A Speeding Royal Enfield Bullet [Video]

sikh grandpa royal enfield bullet stunt featured

Every now and then, a video on the internet is shared that makes us wonder how some people are built differently. Recently, a video shared online shows an elderly man from Punjab riding a Royal Enfield Bullet. Now, the unique part about this video was that the man was neither holding the handlebar, nor was he facing the road ahead. Instead, it was noted that the Bullet was riding itself, and the man was sitting with his legs folded as if he were sitting on a boss’s chair.

This video of the Royal Enfield Bullet riding itself with an elderly man on top has been shared on Facebook. In this short 11-second clip, we can note that a man wearing a turban was sitting on a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle. As mentioned, the most unique part about this encounter was that he was sitting on it facing sideways as if he were sitting on a throne.

In the meantime, the Royal Enfield Bullet was riding itself as if it were equipped with an autopilot system. The video was recorded by a person inside a car which was driving next to this unique Bullet rider. A little later in the video, it was noted that the car was stopped on the side of the road, and the Bullet was seen continuing its ride on the road.

How was this bike riding itself?

If you are one of those people who are wondering how this bike was riding itself on the road without any input from the rider, here’s the science behind it. For this, imagine a spinning top. When it spins, it stays upright because of its spinning motion, right? Well, motorcycles work a bit like that.

Sikh Grandpa Stunts On A Speeding Royal Enfield Bullet [Video]

Let us explain. When the wheels of a motorcycle spin as it moves forward, they create a force called gyroscopic force, which helps keep the bike balanced. It’s like a built-in stabilizer.

Then there’s the way the bike’s front wheel is positioned. It’s not straight up and down but tilted slightly forward. This tilt, called rake and trail, helps the bike naturally want to go straight and stay upright.

So, even if a rider isn’t doing anything, the spinning wheels and the way the bike’s front wheel is positioned work together to keep the motorcycle balanced and riding straight. And this is the reason why the bike in this video was riding itself and made it seem like it has been equipped with autopilot like airplanes and Tesla cars.

Is this safe?

Sikh Grandpa Stunts On A Speeding Royal Enfield Bullet [Video]

The most obvious response to this question is that it’s 100 percent extremely unsafe. Engaging in such stunts on public roads poses numerous risks. As can be noted from the video, the motorcycle maintained its speed and balance due to the absence of external forces.

Now we are well aware of the unpredictability of Indian roads. If the bike encounters a pothole or an unexpected obstacle like a stray animal or a jaywalker, the rider’s chances of avoiding injury or damage become close to zero. In that situation, braking effectively will become nearly impossible, increasing the likelihood of losing balance and falling.

Should such an incident occur, the rider is bound to sustain severe injuries. As can be seen in the short clip, the rider is also not wearing a helmet or any other protective gear, which adds to the risk of injuries even more.