Woman Tourist In Tears After Election Commission Seizes Rs. 69,400: Cash Now Returned [Video]

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Dates for Lok Sabha elections have been announced for many states. They will be conducted from April 19 to June 1. The results for the same would be revealed on June 4. As the dates have been announced, the election code of conduct is also in force, and there are several regulations in place too. Recently, a flying squad of the Election Commission seized Rs. 69,400 from a tourist family who were traveling via Ooty, Tamil Nadu. The video of a woman crying after the squad seized the cash had gone viral on the internet.

The video seen here has been shared by a user. In this video, we see the family standing next to a Mahindra Bolero that belongs to the Election Commission’s squad. We can see a police officer holding a bundle of currency notes which she probably recovered from the car of the tourist. While there are reports that suggest that the family was traveling in a Tata Nano, we cannot confirm the same.

Next to the police officer, we see a senior government officer noting down the details of the cash that was seized from the tourists. We see the family standing next to the officers. The man is actually cooperating and is helping the government officials with all the details while the woman is seen crying and pleading to the officers to let them go.

They were probably not aware of the fact that they can’t carry cash with them once the elections have been declared. Once the election code of conduct is declared, citizens are advised not to carry cash of Rs. 50,000 or more with them. If they are carrying cash, also make sure to carry all the necessary documents. If the person fails to produce necessary documents, the cash gets seized.

This is what happened here. The tourists were carrying cash with them for their own safety. The cash was later given back to the tourist after they produced supporting documents related to the source of the cash.

An image of the same family getting their cash back is also shared online. If you are making intercity or intracity travel plans, always make sure to not carry cash more than Rs. 50,000 to avoid such issues.

Woman Tourist In Tears After Election Commission Seizes Rs. 69,400: Cash Now Returned [Video]
EC flying squad seized cash from tourist

This regulation is implemented during elections to avoid the use of black money in elections. There have been instances where undeclared money by individuals has been seized by the Election Commission.

By using such money, political parties can actually influence the voters and in turn influence the final result. In order to avoid such issues, the Election Commission comes up with such regulations before every election. The Election Code of Conduct comes into force soon after the dates of elections are declared and remains in force till the results are declared.

We would recommend all our readers to not travel with cash during this period. Even if you have to travel with cash, always carry a supporting document to avoid any inconvenience. We would suggest using online transaction methods to completely avoid the issue. It would also mean more transparency in the overall process.