This Electric Hindustan Ambassador can be a perfect vehicle for Indian politicians

Hindustan Motors’ Ambassador sedan was used by Indian politicians as their official vehicle for many years until the automaker finally stopped the production. Politicians these days opt for much more modern and feature equipped sedans and SUVs. In the wake of current economic crisis that our country is currently going through due to the ongoing pandemic situation, PM Modi recently announced ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ programme that calls for promoting the use of more and more locally produced products rather than going for imported ones. In the same spirit, here we have a render of a next-gen electric Ambassador sedan that will be a perfect fit for our politicians.


The designs and renders have been shared by Electric Vehicle web on their website. The render has been created by an artist Vishal Verma. The Ambassador in artist’s imagination is heavily inspired by the original version. It carries a hint of old design but with a host of modern features. The main difference however, is the fact that this is created as an electric version.

The Indian government is now nudging more and more manufacturers to get into the Electric vehicle space and is providing benefits to people who are buying EVs. They can set an example in front of people if they themselves choose to use an electric car. This car can even be armoured and can be used by the President or Prime Minister of our country.


On the exterior the design s simple with LED headlmaps and tail lights. In this render, the conventional doors of an Ambassador is replaced with a set of suicide doors. According to the artist, his version of Ambassador is tech laden and the doors don’t have handle bars and can be opened using a mobile application or fingerprint.


Interiors of the new gen electric Ambassador are also very plush. It gets a spacious cabin with all modern day features like  multiple touchscreens, digital instrument cluster and so on. The car also has captain seats at the rear which are ventilated and also will have massage feature. According to the artist, the Ambassador EV will be powered by four hub motors and will support fast charging and regular charging. The concept looks good and futuristic and is completely a product of artist’s imagination. Currently, the Ambassador nameplate has been purchased by French car manufacturer Peugeot and there is a possibility that the manufacturer might bring back the Ambassador in a new avatar to India.