This Tesla Cyberquad-inspired electric ATV is AWESOMENESS [Video]

Tesla is a well known name among car buyers. They are one of the most popular electric vehicle manufacturer based out of America and have number of models. Tesla generally has sedans and SUVs in their range but, last year they had unveiled a very unique looking vehicle to the customers. The vehicle was a pickup truck and was known as Tesla Cybertruck. It is not like any pickup truck that we have seen before and looks like something straight from a sci-fi movie. One of the things that went almost unnoticed at the launch was cyberquad bike that was there in the rear of the truck. While Tesla did not mention anything about this ATV while unveiling the pick up truck, someone seems to have been totally inspired by the ATV. Here we have a video that shows how a man build his own version of the Cyberquad bike.

The video has been uploaded by Rich Rebuilds on their youtube channel. Tesla had just mentioned it a line about the ATV at the Cybertruck event and it looks like they will probably not be building one anytime soon. The vlogger does some research and finds out that the donor vehicle for this project was a Yamaha Raptor 700 ATV. He then buys an ATV from the used market online and then starts working on it. His plan was to make it an all-electric ATV and for that he first removes the engine and strips down the whole ATV.

He then goes looking for an electric motor and battery which he again finds from a used bike market. The vlogger and his team then starts working on the ATV and they slowly start making progress. The battery was installed at the place where there was engine before and as this was a huge battery it took all the space and left nothing for the motor. They then came up with a way to mount the electric motor right above the rear wheel and was connected using a chain and sprocket.

This Tesla Cyberquad-inspired electric ATV is AWESOMENESS [Video]

Once the battery and motor part was done, they started concentrating on the body and they came up with a design resembles a lot with the cybertruck and cyberquad. The ATV ends up as a vehicle that is quite powerful and with a long battery range. The vlogger has also installed a small winch that fits perfectly under the body of the new electric ATV. After all the process, the vlogger conducts rigorous testing of the ATV. The overall fit and finish of the work is outstanding and if Tesla decides to build one in the future, there are high chances that it might look a lot like this.