Electric bus fails to climb steep hill in Pune: Passengers stranded [Video]

With the aim to reduce fuel import bills in India, the government has been pushing for the use of alternative fuel options. Many states have started using electric buses to reduce the dependency on regular diesel buses. However, electric buses are not successful on all the routes. Here is an example of a bus failing to climb a hill resulting in stranded passengers.

The Maharashtra Government inaugurated the electric bus services at the Singhad Fort last week. However, travellers have been facing harrowing issues. The video that became viral on the Internet shows that the bus full of passengers could not complete a hairpin bend and started moving in reverse.

Some of the passengers were made to disembark from the bus to reduce the weight inside the bus. The tourists who were travelling in the bus to reach the Singhad Fort were made to disembark and walk to the Ford. Many tourists were not happy with the situation as the authorities banned private vehicles from entering the area on May 1. The weekends see high footfall and traffic situations make things worse in this ecologically fragile region. PMPL, the forest department and the Pune district administration collaborated to bring the electric bus service to reduce the pollution.

The service began after a trial of one and half months. The Pune forest department’s Bhamburda Range Forest Officer – Pradeep Sankpal said that the department is in touch with the Public Works Department to decrease the steep turns and widen the route. Also, the authorities are planning to install new chargers on the route.

Electric buses operate in Himachal Pradesh

Electric bus fails to climb steep hill in Pune: Passengers stranded [Video]

Electric buses operate between Manali and Rohtang Pass in Himachal Pradesh. It is a high altitude pass. We are yet to hear any such problems from these buses. It is highly likely that the bus operating in the Singhad Fort is not powerful enough to operate on the hills.

The authorities have said that they will replace the buses with CNG powered buses so that the tourists do not face any such problems. In the meantime, the authorities will work to make the roads better and reduce the gradient level to allow the buses to ride on such routes.

While the trail of the bus was done for 45 days according to the information available, we are not sure if the same was done with the passengers on board. Electric vehicles can face such problems but that can be solved with higher-powered motors.