Electric Hindustan Motors Ambassador sedan imagined for politicians


Imagine if Hindustan Motors made an electric version of their iconic Ambassador. Well, here we have Electric Vehicle Web who has displayed these renders and designs done by Vishal Sharma. The design has been imagined as a throwback to the original retro Ambassador but with a modern touch and features. Vishal Sharma believes that the design here can fit perfectly as a Presidential limousine.

The Hindustan Motors Ambassador has been used by politicians for many years until recently when other vehicles started replacing it. This happened because Hindustan Motors stopped production of the legendary Ambassador. Due to this, politicians shifted to sedans like Maruti Suzuki Ciaz and SUVs like Toyota Fortuner. There will be a time when all the manufacturers would have to shift to some sort of renewable energy to power their vehicles.

Tesla currently is the leader when it comes to electric vehicles. Even Ferrari is now making a plug-in hybrid supercar known as the SF90 Stradale. It gets a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 mated to three electric motors. The engine is capable of producing 769 HP of power, whereas the electric motors alone produce 217 HP, bringing the total power output to 986 HP.

In India, we have also started seeing more electric vehicles. Hyundai has the Kona Electric, MG Motors offer the ZS EV and Tata is selling the Nexon EV. Mahindra is also investing a lot of money in their electric vehicles. They showcased the eKUV100 and the XUV300 EV at the Auto Expo 2020. Both of which should hit the Indian market in 2021 and 2022. So, it makes sense that the politicians could be using an electric version of the Ambassador in the future.

The designer explains the design of the EV as an Ambassador that has been evolved to fit in the digital world. So, it still gets the circular LED headlamps with LED elements as Daytime Running Lamps. The exterior of the EV carries simple, straight lines just like the original Ambassador did. There are no immediate door handles because of being an EV, the doors can be unlocked through a phone. It gets suicide doors for easy ingress and egress. The rear wheels are slightly covered by bodywork, this helps in making the vehicle more aerodynamic and gives a throwback to the vintage cars. The fuel door is now used as a charging port for plugging in the charger to top-up the vehicle. The rear gets the same vertical LED tail lamps as the original Ambassador. The vehicle also gets collapsible side view cameras and a rearview camera. It also supports fast charging.

For the interior, the designer has used two versions for the dashboard. The first one gets a single screen which shows all the information such as the speed, battery percentage, range, gear etc. A similar type of design has been used by Tesla Motors in its Model 3. It also gets a huge floating type touchscreen that sits between the dashboard and shows you all the information. The second version comes with three screen layout. With it, the information is separated by three screens. The left one gets the climate controls while the right side shows you the vehicle information. The centre one acts as an infotainment system and a navigation system. The vehicle gets four individual seats. All of these designs have been imagined by Vishal. Currently, the Ambassador brand has been purchased by the French manufacturer Peugeot. The manufacturer is currently testing its cars on the Indian roads. We will not be surprised if Peugeot decides to bring back the iconic Ambassador nameplate for the Indian market.