This Electric Maruti 800 produces more torque than a Toyota Fortuner

Maruti 800 was a small hatchback that was aimed at people who are looking for a budget car. For most families, the Maruti 800 was their first vehicle. It was never known to be a very powerful hatchback. Well, here is a Maruti 800 that has been converted to electric power. The conversion has been done by Hemank Dabhade of Pune and he has uploaded videos on his YouTube channel.

Because of the electric powertrain, the Maruti 800 is able to produce massive amounts of torque as soon as you put your foot down. In fact, it produces 378 Nm of peak torque instantly. When compared the 2.7-litre petrol engine of the Toyota Fortuner SUV produces just 245 Nm of peak torque. So, you can imagine how much fun driving a small hatchback with 378 Nm of torque can be. What also adds to the fun characteristic is that this Maruti 800 is a rear-wheel-drive vehicle. The stock Maruti 800 was a front-wheel-drive vehicle.

Hemank purchased the donor car for just Rs. 75,000. The donor car itself is in pretty good condition. The bodywork and the suspension were in a good condition. So, Hemank could work on electrifying it and not have to spend money and time on repairing the donor car.

The internal combustion engine of the Maruti 800 was removed and a 19 kW electric motor was with a Curtis SE controller was installed. The motor would drive the rear wheels through a rear axle that was supplied from a scrapyard. So, Hemank saved a bit of money there also.

The constant torque output that the electric motor could deliver is 54 Nm but it can be pushed to 70 Nm for a few seconds if the need arises. The motor is mated to a 7:1 stepdown transmission system that multiplies the torque. It is a single-speed transmission that also comes with regenerative braking. At the wheels, the car can produce 378 Nm of peak torque, which is a lot for a hatchback that measures under 800 kgs. All this torque is available as soon as you push down the accelerator pedal which makes this Maruti 800 very fun to drive.

Because it is a rear-wheel-drive vehicle now, we can see the driver doing power slides in the 800. The driver also drives the 800 over some rough roads where there is less traction and we can see the 800 spinning its rear wheels kicking its tail out.

The internal combustion engine has been replaced with 9 batteries while the rest of the 7 batteries are placed under the front seats. So, the batteries are placed in such a way so that the centre of gravity does not increase. This ensures that the handling is not affected in a negative way. So, there is a total of 16 batteries that provide electricity to the motor.

The range from the battery is 120 km which is pretty decent for a vehicle that has been made in a garage. The top speed of this electric Maruti 800 is 80 kmph to 85 kmph. The batteries are charged using a twin-charger setup. It takes 4 to 4.5 hours to fully charge up the batteries. As of now, there is no fast charging technology available like we have seen on other electric vehicles.