Electric Scooter’s Battery Catches Fire Inside Indian Home While Recharging (Video)

electric scooter battery fire home gujarat

Over the last few months, we have seen numerous electric scooters catching on fire while on the road or in a parking lot. We have even seen videos of electric scooters engulfed in fire while charging at homes. However, recently, a terrible video has been shared online in which an electric scooter’s removable battery, which was being charged inside a home, caught on fire. The video you are about to see is extremely terrifying, as the fire caused by this battery became uncontrollable and filled the entire room with harmful gases and flames.

This video of the horrifying electric scooter battery fire has been shared on YouTube by Vyas Kushwaha on their channel. The short two-minute video starts with the person recording showing how the removable electric scooter battery, which was being charged inside a home, leaked a ton of harmful gas. It can be noted that the entire room immediately filled with a thick cloud of gases.

Soon after, this battery created a number of intense sparks and caught on fire. Following this, in just a few moments, the battery was seen acting like a flamethrower. The battery itself was engulfed in fire, and the flame it was throwing out was extremely intense, burning everything near it.

What happened next?

It can be observed that this battery was being charged in the living room of the house. The person recording the video entered to save one of his bags. We can note that instead of immediately coming out of the living room, he went into the kitchen, which is adjacent to the living room. This particular move was even more dangerous when we observed that there was an LPG gas cylinder, and the intensity of the fire was increasing.

If the person had not escaped in time, he could have been trapped in the kitchen. Thankfully, he was able to come out, and he continued recording the video. We can also note that the fire from the battery was only increasing, and there was no sign of it slowing down. The person then immediately went to the other room, where his mother was seen standing near the window and asking people for help.

Electric Scooter’s Battery Catches Fire Inside Indian Home While Recharging (Video)

Also, we can observe that the person recording the video was panicking and taking deep breaths. The entire situation looks extremely tense and dangerous. At the moment, the exact location of this fire has not been reported. However, most likely, we will provide an update on where this happened and which electric automaker’s battery caught on fire.

What can be done in such situations?

First of all, we advise anyone with an electric scooter to charge it outside their home. Even if the vehicle comes with a removable battery, these batteries should not be charged inside the home. The primary reason for this is that the batteries are made of lithium and other metals, and once they catch fire due to any reason, it becomes extremely difficult to control their flame, as evident from the video.

Electric Scooter’s Battery Catches Fire Inside Indian Home While Recharging (Video)
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Also, another important thing to note is that in case of a fire of the battery pack, one should never use water to extinguish it. This is because water can react violently with chemicals and metals inside the battery, making the situation worse. So, we request everyone who owns an electric scooter to keep a dry powder fire extinguisher for these class D fires.

Additionally, we would advise everyone not to try to extinguish the fire by themselves if the situation becomes worse, like in this scenario. The best thing to do in such situations is to evacuate the building and call the fire department and other emergency services immediately. These types of fires can only be handled properly by professionals.