Electric Skoda Octavia sedan under development

skoda octavia electric

The Czech automobile manufacturer Škoda Auto’s premium mid-size sedan Octavia moniker might not be its bread earner in India but globally it’s the brand’s most important name. Back in 2020, the Skoda Octavia globally reached a milestone of 70 lakh sales. But with everything turning into EVs till now it was not sure if Octavia would also be electric. However recently it was revealed that it will indeed be getting electrified.

Electric Skoda Octavia sedan under development

During a discussion with Autocar UK, Skoda CEO Klaus Zellmer said, “The Octavia is a fantastic car that we of course will have to keep in the family as long as we can as we have such a huge customer base.” He further stated that in preparation for a potential ban on ICE car sales in Europe in 2035, the company is actively looking into an electric version of the Octavia. By 2030, the automaker hopes to generate 70% of its revenues from EV sales.

Skoda is likely to launch its Enyaq iV electric crossover in India in 2023. The vehicle was spotted testing on Indian roads a few times. The Enyaq iV is built on the Born Electric platform which it also shares with the Audi Q4 e-Tron and Volkswagen ID4.

As of yet the official dates for the launch of this new electric Octavia have not been revealed but it is speculated that it will debut sometime in 2026 following the already confirmed introductions of Fabia, Karoq, and Kodiaq-sized EVs. Skoda will probably adopt the Scalable Systems Platform (SSP) for the Octavia EV due to the timing of the introduction. The MEB platform from the second part of the decade, which was widely utilised, will be progressively replaced by this design, which will eventually serve as the framework for the whole VW Group.

Skoda’s new “Modern Solid” design language, which was recently debuted by the Vision 7S concept, is believed to be incorporated stylistically into the zero-emission Octavia. Furthermore, it is likely that Skoda will continue to offer both sedan and Combi body types, although with a little modification. The model’s appearance might be improved by incorporating crossover stylistic elements similar to those found on the Octavia Scout currently available internationally, which would also move it closer to Skoda’s SUV-focused lineup.

Regarding the technical details on the variants and electric drivetrains, there are rumours of quad electric motors for the AWD and vRS versions and two front electric motors for the ordinary FWD variations. A potential contender for the energy solution is the battery that Skoda will introduce in 2024 or 2025. This will feature an outstanding 200 kW fast-charging capability and a capacity of 89 kWh, providing a range of more than 370 miles (595 km).

However, despite the rumours of a new electrified Octavia, company CEO Zellmer didn’t completely rule out the possibility of the combustion-engined Octavia being in production in order to maintain its attractiveness to a larger worldwide market. If so, the electric Octavia would use a Volkswagen Group electric-only platform while the aforementioned vehicle would probably stay on the present platform.

Furthermore, commenting on the importance of the Octavia moniker in the brand, Zellmer said, “The Octavia is rock solid. It has got its customer base and we are market leaders for the [estate] segment. Never change a winning team. I think that car is Skoda [through and through], but when you look at the future position [of the brand] and we talk about Modern Solid as attributes to our design language, yes, this will be more cars that are in the market to go off road, to accommodate more people, to have a bit more of a bold appearance, but we need to do both – [this and the Octavia].”