Electric vehicle catches fire in parking lot; four other cars burn

While the market for electric vehicles is expanding at a rapid rate, the instances of electric vehicles catching fire are also catching attention. In another unfortunate event, an electric vehicle burnt to ashes in a parking lot in Hyderabad. Such was the magnitude of the fire, that it also spread to four other cars parked in the same lot. As a result, the other four cars were also completely gutted in the incident. However, the details of the electric vehicle involved are not much known. From the visuals, it looks like a compact sedan to us, but we can’t be sure about it.

According to the eyewitnesses, there were a few people in the parking lot when the fire in the electric vehicle broke out. As soon as the incident took place, the people were evacuated from the parking lot and fire brigades were called. After some time, four fire brigades came to the spot and tried to bring the fire under control. However, by that time, the electric car and four other cars were completely gutted in the incident.

Electric vehicle catches fire in parking lot; four other cars burn

Not the first time

This is not the first time that electric vehicles are involved in deadly incidents of fire. In the recent past, several electric vehicles, especially electric scooters, have broken into the fire due to reasons like short circuits and excessive charging. In 2022, we saw several instances in which electric scooters caught fire. Even a few instances of electric cars catching fire also came into the limelight. All these instances are upsetting the Indian Government’s ambition to make India the largest market for electric vehicles.

The aspect of safety of electric vehicles has been taken seriously by the Government too, which is why all the electric vehicle manufacturers have been told to take practice serious safety measures. In the last year, the Government also cracked down on a few electric vehicle manufacturers and monitored their practices in improving safety. A few companies have been strictly told to improve their manufacturing practices and improve the safety levels of their products.

Currently, the market for electric vehicles is on an uprise, with new entrants like Ather Energy, Ola Electric, Okinawa and Ampere Electric leading the charts in the two-wheeler category. In the passenger car segment, Tata Motors is currently leading the EV market with a majority of the share, followed by other brands like MG, Hyundai, BYD and Mahindra. In addition, more established brands like Maruti Suzuki, Toyota and Renault are expected to enter the EV space in the forthcoming years.

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