Elephant attacks bus: Refuses to let it go! [video]

Incidents where people have encountered wild animals have been reported in the past. We have seen several videos from different parts of India where animals like elephant have attacked people and destroyed vehicles. Some of these incidents have been featured on our website as well. Here we have one such video, where an elephant attacked a bus and people who were sitting inside the bus jumped out as they were afraid. The whole incident has been captured on video, let’s check it out.

The video has been shared by Elephant Pass on their YouTube channel. The video seen here is not from India. It is from our neighbouring country Sri Lanka. The video was recorded on camera by occupants in a car who study the behaviour of Sri Lankan elephants and also work on protecting them and the resources they require.

When the video starts, an elephant is seen standing in the middle of the road. The road passes through a forest area and the elephant most probably came from the nearby jungle. A cargo truck is the first to arrive at the spot. The elephant does not look aggressive and the drive took the truck off the road and drove it past the elephant.

It tried reaching the truck but did not chase it. A car which was following the cargo truck also cleared without any problems. After these two vehicles passed, a bus which is probably used by the locals to commute came to the spot. As the elephant saw the bus approaching, it moved towards the bus and stood in front of it. The driver stopped the bus and offered elephant some food.

The elephant ate the bananas and after that, things went south. The elephant started looking for more food and started reaching for food inside the bus. In its attempt to reach for more food through the driver’s cabin, the elephant broke the ORVM and it looks like the windshield was also broken.

Elephant attacks bus: Refuses to let it go!

Poeple were afraid to see an elephant trunk inside the bus and people started jumping out of the bus. The van on which the video was being recorded tried to scare the elephant away by blowing the horn continuosly. This made no difference. The elephant continued its search for food inside the bus. Meanwhile, people were jumping out of the bus. There were men, women and many children.

At this time, another bus which runs on the same route came from the opposite side. The driver saw what was happening and he also started blowing the horn. After some time, the elephant managed get hold of someone’s bag from the bus and took it out.

The other bus driver saw an chance and drove the bus straight towards the elephant. The elephant got distracted by the other bus and it ran towards the bushes. The other bus driver asked people to get into bus but many of them started running away which is something that one should never do especially in front of a wild animal. Luckily nothing bad happened and the driver started the bus and drove it forwards and stopped so that people who ran away could get in. Moral of the story: Never feed wild animals as you never know how they might react.