Elephant blocks bus with pilgrims, pilgrims start chanting mantras: Elephant walks away (Video)

While India has a large number of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, many public roads go through these restricted areas. Such areas see a high number of conflicts between elephants and humans. Here is one such incident where the travellers in a bus came across a massive full-grown elephant and were so scared that they started chanting mantras.

The incident is from the southern part of the country. The video, which is taken from inside the bus shows the massive elephant approaching the bus as it tries to carry on with its journey. The passengers start to chant as the bus driver reverses the bus. The elephant then goes to the shoulder of the road.

Someone can be heard saying to speed up and go past the elephant. The bus driver takes the advice and zips past the massive tusker, which looks bigger than the bus. As the bus goes past the elephant, the passengers become jubilant and happy.

In many parts of India, the elephant is considered a form of god. There are many rituals and prayers done to these massive mammals in different parts of the country. It seems like the passengers in the bus were chanting one of the mantras in hope that the god will protect them from the elephant. There have been attacks on vehicles by elephants in the past.

Wild animals can be unpredictable

Elephant blocks bus with pilgrims, pilgrims start chanting mantras: Elephant walks away (Video)

The bus driver should have simply waited for the elephant to pass them as soon as he spotted it. However, his decision to carry driving caused the elephant to spot them and attracted its attention.

Wild animals can become agitated by sudden movements or scary noises, which can cause them to attack nearby vehicles. It is crucial to remember that these animals, such as elephants and rhinos, are incredibly powerful and can easily wreak havoc on a car and its occupants. To avoid any potential conflict, it is best not to disturb them and avoid making any noise.

As you venture into their habitat, it is essential to recognize that you are in their territory, and the jungle belongs to them. It is crucial to show patience and park the vehicle on the side of the road to allow the animals to pass through comfortably without any disturbance.

Although rare, elephants and other wild animals have been known to attack vehicles in the past, especially if they sense any kind of danger. It is vital to avoid feeding wild animals as this can cause them to become dependent and return to the same spot for food. When they don’t get it, they can turn angry and attack. It is important to always respect wild animals and not be playful with them. Feeding wild animals is detrimental to their survival, and it is best to keep a safe distance from them.