Watch as a herd of elephants blocks a car from the front & rear: Close shave [Video]

With rapid development throughout the country, there are many roads that pass through the forest areas in India. There are many roads in India that pass through thick forests that are inhabited by wild animals. Seldom, motorists crossing through these roads come face to face with these wild animals and the interaction is not always pleasant. Here is a video from a road that leads to Aliyar Dam, Tamil Nadu and passes through the Alliyar Forest Reserve that shows a close shave between a vehicle passing through and pride of elephants.

The video shows the vehicle driving through the secluded forest road during the day time. At the starting of the video, a herd of elephants can be seen coming out of the forest onto the main road. As soon as the vehicle passes the herd, they panic and run after the vehicle. Only after the camera shows the road ahead, the reason behind the behaviour of the elephants can be understood. The video shows a mother elephant walking ahead on the road with a calf. The herd, which was coming out of the jungle was following the mother and calf when the car came in between. That is why the herd of elephant panicked and ran after the vehicle.

The duo of mother and calf sensed the vehicle coming from behind and they stopped in the middle of the road looking at the vehicle. The driver then moved forward slowly while using the high beam flashes. It can be clearly seen in the video that the mother became protective for the calf and even pulled it closer. However, with the car moving forward, the mother and the calf cleared the way and went into the jungle again.

Watch as a herd of elephants blocks a car from the front & rear: Close shave [Video]

With the elephants blocking the front and the rear way of the vehicle, it could have been quite dangerous. This could have gone either way but we are glad that nothing much happened and the elephants let the vehicle go without causing a ruckus. Wild animals do not attack until they are aggravated and the vehicle coming in between the herd was a clear sign of aggravation. Nonetheless, there should be a few things that one should always follow while passing through a jungle road and elephants are the most common animals that one may come across while crossing a jungle.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while passing through a jungle road:

  • Always try to avoid elephant corridors. Even though the elephants are one of the most peaceful animals, if they feel threatened, they can attack immediately. Elephant attacks do not end well.
  • If an elephant is blocking the road, stay in the vehicle and wait for them to clear the way. If you make noises, it will attract the attention of the elephants and they may see you as a threat.
  • If you see a herd of elephants on the road. Stop the vehicle and let them pass through. Be patient and do not ever rush. Remember that you’re passing through a place where they live.
  • If you’re stuck between two elephants or more, always be extremely patient and show the presence of mind. Stay still in the vehicle, turn off the music of the vehicle and wait. If the elephant does not recognise you as a threat, it will disperse and will give you the way. However, making noises or flashing lights can make them feel threatened and you may come under an attack.
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