Elephant pushes Hyundai Santro around like a toy [Video]

We have come across several videos where wild animals have attacked humans or vehicles in the past. These things are actually common when the roads are cutting through a forest. Wild animals like elephants often come out from the forest in search of food and end up getting scared by the vehicles and people around them. There have been several occassion when elephants have attacked vehicles and destroyed crops. Here we have a video from Guwahati, Assam where a wild elephant is seen pushing a Hyundai Santro Xing hatchback like a toy.

The video has been uploaded by MUNDODI VLOGS on their YouTube channel. In this video, an elephant is seen attacking a Hyundai Santro Xing hatchback that is probably parked in a ground. The exact location of the incident is Narengi Military station in Guwahati. This is not the first time, elephants have been spotted in the premises. There are old videos, where herd of elephants have been spotted in the campus. This is probably the first time, it has attacked a vehicle inside the military station.

As seen in the video, the elephant is pushing the car around. It looks like the Hyundai Santro Xing was parked in the ground and there was no one inside the car, when it attacked. The wheels of the car were turned towards the right and the elephant was pushing the car in circles. The exact reason on what provoked the elephant is not known and it is also not known, if the car was actually parked or the owner just left the car and ran away after seeing an elephant running towards thim. There is a road, right next to the ground where the elephant is pushing the car. People passing by are stopping to see what is actually happening.

Elephant pushes Hyundai Santro around like a toy [Video]

The elephant is not running after any of them and is just continuously attacking the car. The sound of the employees can be heard in the video. They are trying to scare the elephant away from the car but, it is of no use. The elephant evetually stops pushing the car and that is where the video ends, it does not show whether the elephant left after that and also how much the car has damaged.

Animal attacks on vehicles are actually very common. Recently a video of a Wild Indian Bison or Gaur attacking an auto-rickshaw in Kerala had gone viral. The Gaur was probably provoked by the flashy lights on the auto and it effortlessly lifted the front-end of the auto in air. Few months ago in Karnataka, elephants charged at a Honda Amaze sedan after the car blocked their way. Animals like elephants are usually very calm and they do not attack until provoked. As they are wild animals, it is always a good idea to maintain safe distance if you spot one in any of your trips. If you see an elephant crossing in front of you, always stop the car and turn the engine off to ensure that they can cross the road without any disturbance.