Elephant Rescues Mahindra Scorpio: The Most Unique Rescue You’ll See On The Internet [Video]

elephant rescues mahindra scorpio

Imagine you have an SUV that is not capable of off-roading. Yet you still take it off-roading and get stuck on a riverbed. Most likely, the last thing you’d imagine is an elephant coming to your rescue, right? Now we know that this may seem very weird to think, but this is exactly what happened with this Mahindra Scorpio owner who got royally stuck on a riverbed and was then rescued by an elephant.

Elephant Rescues Mahindra Scorpio

The video of this extremely unique situation was shared on YouTube a while ago. However, it being so distinct, we could not resist sharing it with you guys. In this video, we can see that a first-generation Mahindra Scorpio was stuck on the riverbed. Most likely, the driver went on the riverbed thinking it was dry. However, he eventually got stuck.

Now we do not know how exactly this elephant came to the scene. But what we can observe in the video is that he helped this Scorpio come out of its stuck position. A thick rope was tied to the front tow hook of the Mahindra Scorpio, and this rope was then held by the trunk of the elephant.

The elephant keeper guides the massive animal to take a step back. And just with a single tug, the Elephant was able to bring out the front wheels of the stuck Scorpio. Soon after this, the video shows that the elephant was once again given the rope. This time around, the keeper keeps letting him go back until the Scorpio came out of the mud completely from the front and rear.

Elephant Rescues Mahindra Scorpio: The Most Unique Rescue You’ll See On The Internet [Video]

How Powerful is an Elephant?

Although it may not be something that everyone would ask, some people who are still pondering as to how it is possible for an elephant to possess such remarkable strength. Well, Indian elephants are no strangers to heavy lifting. These creatures have the ability to lift up to 250-300 kg using their trunks alone.

Over their existence, elephants have always been well-suited for tasks requiring immense power. Whether it’s hauling wooden logs or, in this case, rescuing a stranded vehicle, elephants are specially trained and incredibly capable.

Know the Place You Are Going

Elephant Rescues Mahindra Scorpio: The Most Unique Rescue You’ll See On The Internet [Video]

From this video, we can learn a few important lessons. The first and the most important one is to always know where you are taking your vehicle. No matter if your vehicle is a capable 4X4 off-roader or a 4X2 vehicle, you should be aware of the location you are in. This is because a lot of times you may not find a recovery vehicle (or an elephant) to help you come out of similar situations.

Why Should You Never Take 4X2 SUVs Off-Roading?

Apart from the above lesson, the second most important lesson is to never take 4X2 SUVs off-roading. There is not one but multiple important reasons.

Limited Traction

4X2 SUVs lack the additional traction provided by a four-wheel-drive system. Because of this, these vehicles become more prone to getting stuck in challenging terrain. More often than not, they get stuck in terrains like mud, sand, or rocky surfaces.

Reduced Ground Clearance

This may not be the case with full-size 4X2 SUVs. However, this applies to smaller SUVs which may get stuck on uneven terrains due to smaller ground clearances. This can lead to a damaged underbody. It could also cause severe damage to the mechanicals of the vehicle.

Elephant Rescues Mahindra Scorpio: The Most Unique Rescue You’ll See On The Internet [Video]

Limited Power Distribution

Without a four-wheel-drive system, power is only sent to two wheels. This can cause a struggle to maintain momentum in situations where all four wheels need to be engaged. Generally, these situations involve climbing steep inclines or navigating through deep ruts.

Risk of Damage

Off-roading can subject vehicles to significant stress and strain. 4X2 SUVs, not specifically designed for off-road use, may lack the reinforced components generally found in dedicated off-road vehicles. So it increases the risk of damage to critical parts like suspension, drivetrain, and undercarriage.