Elephant stuck in a ditch thanks JCB after getting rescued [Video]

Reports of animals getting out from the jungle in search of food has become a lot more commo these days. Elephants destroying crops and attacking human properties have been reported several times. In order to protect these animals from getting into human inhabited areas forest department and farmers take measures. We have featured many stories where elephants are seen attacking vehicles on the road. For a change, here we have a video of an elephant thanking a JCB after it was rescued from the a ditch.

The video has been shared by Viral Media on their YouTube channel. Usually there is a practice among farmers to dig trench or isntall fence to keep the elephants away but, this does not look like a trench. The elephant seen here does not look like an adult. It is stll very small when compared with adults. The elephant somehow fell into the trench. It might have got separated from its herd and would have lost when it fell into the ditch. A wall and a cement fence indicates that the incident happened inside someones private property.

Video mentions that the incident happened in Coorg and the people who had gathered around at the spot quickly brought in a back hoe loader or JCB as we all like to call it. The elephant was unable to come out from the ditch on its own. The authorities and the forest department started pushing he mud into the ditch to level up so that the elephant can easily pull itself out from the ditch. After the elephant saw that the mud was getting pushed into the ditch, it started climbing up. As we can see, the soil looks very sticky and the elephant cannot actually get a proper hold on the ground.

Elephant stuck in a ditch thanks JCB after getting rescued [Video]

It keeps on trying to push itself out of the ditch but, all its attempts were unsuccessful. The officers who were standing outside asked the JCB driver to slowly push the elephant from the back using the bucket. The JCB driver followed the instruction and the elephant started coming out. The elephant was able to make progress after it got assistance from the JCB. within seconds, the elephant managed to get out. It looks like, the elephant was extremely tired by the time, it got out. It stayed on the ground for some time and after it regained some energy, it stood up and started walking.

After the elephant stood up, it turned towards the JCB and started walking. The JCB driver put the bucket to defend. Locals started making noises to distract the elephant. The elephant came forward, touched the bucket and then it moved back. By this time, people had already thrown small crackers to scare elephant away. The elephant ran away from the spot safely after one of the crackers burst. Elephants are extremely intelligent mammals and in the past it has been seen that despite of creating trenches and fences, elephants find their way around to get into farms in search of food.