Angry Elephant Throws Scooters, Autorickshaw Around Like Toys [Video]

angry elephant vs scooter, autorickshaw

In some parts of India such as Kerala and Karnataka, elephants are often used as part of temple traditions. These are tamed or domesticated elephants. However, even they have been known to go out of control due to several reasons. Here we have one such incident from Kerala where an angry elephant is seen destroying vehicles on the roadside, throwing scooters and auto-rickshaws around like toys.

The video has been circulating on social media platforms lately. It is not clear whether it is a recent incident or if it happened some time ago. The video has been recorded by someone who is standing on the first floor of a building next to the road where the elephant is standing.

It is a domesticated elephant, and it looks like the animal lost its cool during one of the processions. In Kerala, elephants are often heavily decorated and displayed during festive occasions.

These decorations, along with the crowd and heat, often disturb the animals, and they end up attacking the people and things around them. In this case, we can see two men sitting on the top of the elephant. They are holding tight for their lives as a fall from the top would easily injure them. Also, the chance of the elephant attacking them once they are on the ground is also high.

Angry Elephant Throws Scooters, Autorickshaw Around Like Toys [Video]
Elephant throwing bike

The elephant charges towards the men who are trying to distract the elephant and gain its control. There are several scooters parked next to the road. The elephant pushes a scooter and drags it on the ground. After some time, the elephant lifts a scooter using its tusk and attempts to throw it away.

However, the handle of the scooter got caught between the tusk, and this made the elephant even more angry. It started shaking its head violently to throw the scooter away. While trying to do so, the elephant hits an auto-rickshaw next to the scooter. The elephant completely destroys the roof of the auto, lifts both the auto and the scooter in the air before throwing them away.

If you look carefully, the animal was actually aiming at the men who were standing next to it. There are chances that the men are the mahouts, and they were trying to gain control back. The video shows how powerful these creatures can be. It lifts the auto and the scooter with such ease that it felt like they were made from cardboard or thermocol.

This video is once again a reminder that shows why one must never get involved or too close to wild animals. These animals are sensitive to lights, heat, and also loud sounds. A festival procession has all these things. Procession elephants are made to walk on tarmac, which can get very hot after getting baked under the sun.

Wild animals, especially elephants, getting out from the jungle and destroying farms and properties of people have become a common sight lately. This man-animal conflict is mainly because of humans encroaching upon forests. Some of these animals, which are extremely problematic in nature, are often captured by the authorities and relocated to other parts.