Elephants block truck carrying sugarcane to have a feast [Video]

The interactions between a human and an animal are quite common around the forest areas of the country. There are quite a few national parks and reverses in India that is a safe havens for animals. These parks are located near human settlements and that is why many roads cross through them. While we have seen numerous occasions of animal and human conflict on video, here is another one where a group of elephants stop a truck to treat on sugarcanes.

The video shows a mother and baby elephant filling up their bellies with the sugary food. In mother elephant takes down the sugarcane from the truck while the baby elephant also feasts. They both had their share of fun while the highway remained blocked for vehicular movement.

The onlookers including the driver and the helper of the truck waited patiently and let the elephants enjoy the food. After they are done, the truck driver drives away from the spot while showing that both the elephants enter the forest again.

Stay calm while interacting with elephants

Elephants block truck carrying sugarcane to have a feast [Video]

Animals, especially the elephants are very calm and would not attack until provoked. One should never go dangerously close to wild animals as they are very unpredictable. If an animal feels threatened by humans, it will attack

This is why it is important to maintain distance from wild animals. Herds of wild elephants can often be spotted crossing the roads in the forests and national parks of India. One should just stop the vehicle and wait for the animals to cross the road without any disturbance.

Also, if the animal attacks the vehicle, the best thing is to stay calm and not threaten the animal. Threatening the animal can cause the situation to become aggravated.

Animal attacks are common

Elephant attacks on the vehicles are quite common in the area. A couple of months ago, a wild elephant overturned a private car, which was parked on the road in the same area. Several reports of such incidents have come from the region. Animal attacks are not restricted to this area of the country. Several reports of animal attacks have been reported and recorded on video from the other parts of the country.

Sometime back a wild hippopotamus attacked vehicles on a public road. It tried to charge on the vehicles and was seen running after the vehicles too. The incident from Assam became viral across the nation. Many elephant attacks have been reported from the Southern states of the country too.

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