Elon Musk has just REVEALED the India-bound Tesla Model 3

Tesla is a brand that is fast gaining reputation. While India hasn’t gotten any Teslas yet, we will soon be getting their all-new compact vehicle – the Model 3 – later in the year. While we have only seen the car in concept form so far, all this is set to change. Elon Musk has just revealed a video of the new Model 3 driving for the first time. Here is all you need to know about the car:

What is the Model 3

The Model 3 will be the cheapest Tesla that will be on sale in the world. Prices start as low as $ 35,000 (Rs 23 lakhs approximately). This is a compact vehicle from the company which currently has a sedan (S) and a SUV (X) in their portfolio. The 3 is a vehicle for the masses who want the futuristic technology but don’t want a big car nor want to spend a lot of money.

Mr Musk is yet to reveal the technical specifications for the vehicle. What we do know however is that it will have a range of 215 miles (344 miles), which is quiet adequate for a city car. Tesla has been in the news recently for introducing the Ludicrous+ mode which makes the Model S and X ridiculously fast. Keeping that in mind, Elon revealed that even the slowest Model 3 will be able to do 0-100 in under 6 seconds.

Another feature which is talked about on the Tesla is their Autopilot system, which can actually drive their car without human intervention for a defined period of time. This, the Model 3 will come with the hardware for the Autopilot system on all variants.

In terms of safety, the car will have a 5-star safety rating and will have the option of supercharging. The car will have a massive glass roof, which not only gives the sensation of space, but also looks good. Ofcourse, you will have a large touchscreen display in the center that will control all the car functions, however we don’t have details on its size right now.

Can you get one?

Tesla Model 3

Yes, Tesla has opened bookings for the Model 3 across the world, including India. There are a whole bunch of people who have booked the car by putting down a deposit of $1000. While Elon did reveal that the car will be launched in 2017 in India, we expect deliveries to take place in 2018, given the massive demand for this vehicle. 

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